Yummy Bread (Pineapple or Olive) Version 2.0…

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

Are you going to be doing something special today? I don’t have any plans, except chocolate – in the form of ‘Magic Chocolate Cake’! 🙂

Before I get to the food, I thought I’d give an update on the snow situation around here. Unfortunately, my apt complex management is still getting low marks for their ability to clear out the parking lot. In most of the parking lot you need to have an all-terrain vehicle to get around (which I do not, I have a small sedan that is rather upset about the jarring drive), then you have to deal with narrow passageways that only allow one car at a time – even though it’s a two-way street – and it’s very difficult to backup once you encounter a car coming in the opposite direction, very frustrating!

Thankfully, the forecast is now calling for only 2-inches of snow on Monday, whew.

But I did have the opportunity to get out today for a short while… I headed out to Target, on my way I looked around at other apt complex’s parking lots, and maybe it’s “the grass is always greener” syndrome, but it sure looked like they weren’t having the same difficulties we’ve been having.

Anyway, while at Target, I asked two employees in separate parts of the store where I might find the snow-shovels and was informed by the first, ‘we don’t have shovels’, and by the second, ‘we are sold out of snow shovels’. I hadn’t heard back from my friend who was going to get me one yesterday, so I thought I’d look around while I was out… I’m guessing my friend didn’t have any luck either.

I would like to note that the store was already stocked with sandals, and that there were signs decorating the place of girls clad in swimsuits jumping into water… wouldn’t it be hilarious if just before our snowstorm, the snow equipment was sent back to the warehouse to make room for the spring items? Haha, absolutely hilarious. Why do stores stock up for the next season so early anyway? It’s so frustrating to say oh, I don’t know, want a snow shovel or galoshes because there is 3-feet of snow outside only to walk into a store full of sandals and pictures of bathing suits. Isn’t spring too early for those items anyway? aaggh… oh well, let’s talk about something that makes me much happier… food!

Like I said yesterday, I did a mini guest post over at meals and moves. Janetha requested that we submit a meal and a move… for my meal, I submitted yummy bread! I then craved my yummy bread, so I had to make it again!

I changed it up ever so slightly, but mostly I just wanted to show more pictures of this delicious alternative to pizza!

My changes included [original recipe]:

  1. I used a dough from HBin5 called 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Olive Oil (p.81)… I knew that this would make a good ‘pizza’ dough because with the added olive oil it felt more like pizza dough.
  2. I added Italian seasoning to the pineapple yummy bread for extra flavor.
  3. I used pineapple chunks which I then sliced rather than crushed pineapple.
  4. I used Newman’s Own Sockarooni for the pasta sauce, the jar is enough for two loaves of yummy bread.
  5. I used slightly different jarred items for the olive yummy bread, I intended to also add Italian seasoning, but I forgot.
  6. I did not allow the dough log to rise, as soon as I had it wrapped up, I transferred it to the pizza peel, cut slits into it, and then put it into the hot oven on the pizza stone.
  7. I made sure that the slits I cut into the dough log were the size I wanted the pieces to be.

Wanna guess what my first job was? Hmmm… bet it had something to do with pizzas. 😉

*click on the small pictures to make them bigger*

Pineapple Yummy Bread v.2.0

roll it up into a log…

pinch the edges to the rest of the log and tuck in the ends…

apply a thin layer of flour and cornmeal on a pizza peel or edge-less cookie sheet, then place log onto pizza peel…

make slits in the dough the width of the size pieces you want…

bake in the oven according to the dough’s instructions (this dough was 450°F for 30 min), then cut along slits…

serve with pasta sauce…

Olive Yummy Bread v.2.0

select ingredients for the filling…


cut slits…





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