Snowed In Eats…

While I am rationing out my produce, we are actually making some interesting meals around here… namely going through the pantry and freezer to see what goodies I’ve been storing for just such an occasion…

After my first winter here of having my car covered in snow for a week, I’ve always made sure that I have a stocked pantry and freezer, so at all times I can ‘create magic’ in the kitchen making dinner out of seemingly nothing.

Some of the random food I’ve made in the last two days:

A little bit of fresh mixed with boxed or frozen… all in an attempt to make my food stretch until I can get my car out of the snowed in garage.

Since tonight was our first time trying out the California burger it involved some combining of the minds… these condiments were the contenders…

I had a feeling that I wanted the German mustard and the pickled sweet bell peppers, so I took a bit of bread, burger, condiments and tasted…

Yes, perfect…

You’ll notice that there is a bit taken from both sandwiches… wanted to get the a-ok from the ‘taste-tester’ on this combo of condiments. How do you determine what you will put on your sandwich when you are trying out a new veggie burger?

Both flavors of burger were ‘new to us’, the Texas bbq burger went well with the bbq sauce for a double dose of bbq, and the California burger went well with the strong mustard and the bit of sweet from the pickled bell peppers. I liked and would recommend both of the burgers, giving them a rating of Very Good.

I’ve gotten really good at the green lemonade, and plan to post about it soon.
Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Snowed In Eats…

  1. I enjoyed your VDay comment story yesterday 🙂

    And I love condiments…the pickled sweet bell peppers sound awesome…seriously I love pickled sweet things. It’s rare to find something other than mini pickles that are sweet, where did you find those? yum!

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