Week 1, Day 8 (Couch to 5k)…

I was starting to think that I was going to have to put my running program off until spring (which around here is usually about 2-3 weeks after spring equinox), due to all the snowfall around here. The forecast says that we are going to get an additional 7-14 inches starting tonight (on top of the already 2 ft of snow that we are still trying to deal with)…

Yesterday I went out, on foot, to assess the situation around here, only to find myself car jousting…

yep, I’m in the middle of the street, because there are either no sidewalks cleared, or there is a sidewalk tunnel – but it closely resembles a hamster tube, wherein you can only access the tunnel at select locations, and sometimes, you’re just stuck and there actually is no way out except the way you came in or to climb the wall of snow back out into the street…

But the extreme sport of car jousting (my adrenaline was up because a few cars were driving at speeds like there was no snow on the street) got me craving a run, so as I fell asleep last night I thought I’d try the dreadmill again…

As I’ve mentioned before I’m currently reading Thrive (by Brendan Brazier), so before my treadmill workout I decided to try out some of the pre-workout Direct Fuel Bites (p. 125) and planned to make a recovery drink (p.127) for after my workout.

I made the direct fuel bites, I had one and gave half of another one to my ‘taste-tester’. They were pretty good, definitely pure carbs, but according to Brendan that’s just what you need for the workout I was about to embark upon.

Are you ready for this? I had a good workout on the dreadmill… I actually didn’t hate every second of it like I normally do. Yea! I had the best run ever, even though it was on the treadmill. I was not out of breath or in pain while doing the running parts of the program, I finally found my stride, it was awesome.

My usual complaints about the treadmill are that it is incredibility boring, and it’s a pain to switch the speed from running to walking. But mostly just the boredom.

In the past, before I started the couch to 5k program, when I was walking on the treadmill I considered 3.7-3.8 difficult and usually opted for 3.3-3.5… the other day (back in Dec) when I was doing the program I was walking at 3.3-3.5 and running at 4.3… it was hard and I didn’t enjoy myself…

Today, though, I walked at 3.3-3.5 and ran at 5.0!!!! Let me say that again, I was running at 5.0comfortably! All 6 runs I did at 5.0 and I did them the entire duration! Woohoo! I attribute this to the added greens that I’ve been eating the last week or two, because if you look at my exercise chart – I haven’t run since mid-January. I’m sure the direct fuel bites didn’t hurt either! I found that if I tried to run at 4.5 that my stride seemed too short and it was difficult, so on a whim I tried faster and found my gait… the treadmill was actually enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong the nature path is a thousand times better, but given my current state of being snowed in, this will do.

My other self-kudos, is that I was able to sustain the running the entire duration of the program (week one = six 60-second runs, interwoven with 90-second walks, with 5-minute warm-up and cool-down walks). I’ve done week one 8 times now, and I finally feel like perhaps I can graduate to week two. 😀

With the snowstorm that we had over the weekend and the one that just started, I’m kinda in a ‘hoard the food’ mode, or at the very least rationing… so for the recovery drink I wasn’t willing to use up more dates, seeing as how I made home-made vanilla almond mylk yesterday and direct fuel bites this morning… so instead I decided to compromise and make the green smoothie I’ve been making lately but this time without the flaxseed, following Brendan’s advice of not consuming a lot of protein right after working out (instead waiting an hour before having protein and immediately having something consisting of primarily simple carbs). I added some agave for added carbs to my green smoothie to closer resemble one of his recovery drinks… it was good, but a bit too sweet, then I remembered that Brendan said that your flavor receptors are different after a workout and that you would prefer slightly sour, or even bitter over sweet… oops, maybe next time I’ll make green lemonade. But I still think it was a good compromise.

An hour and a half later, I wasn’t sure what I should do for the protein, so I had a handful of dried apples and pistachios. An hour after that, I remembered that I made lentil soup last night and that would be a great liquid protein, it was perfect. Why liquid, you ask? Let me quote a bit from the book:

“… If the workout was a particularly hard one and you are feeling drained, a liquid meal is the best option… Remember, the consumption of a conventional meal at this time will require a large amount of blood to travel to the stomach to aid in digestion. Since the blood is needed in the stomach, it cannot remain in the extremities going about its ‘clean up and delivery’ job. With the extra strain of digestion removed by consuming complete liquid nutrition, recovery will dramatically improve…”
Thrive by Brendan Brazier (p.120)

I’ll probably have a huge salad tonight, but my spinach and romaine is getting low and I had the last of my kale yesterday… we are getting into rationing mode here.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get more fresh produce in the next few days… Produce Wednesday has been canceled this week due to the snow storm… so I’m out of luck there. Our cars are still trapped in the garages…

This is the first year that I’ve needed a shovel, so ,of course, I don’t have one. Previous years (granted there was less snow), the parking lot was cleared off more and you only had to own something to get the snow off your car… the people lucky enough to have a garage had the way cleared for them and they were off… hence one of our reasons for obtaining garages this year… only under the new management apparently the amenity of having the parking lot cleared is no longer… have I mentioned that I’m probably not going to renew a lease here even though I’ve lived here 4 years? Another story for another day.

It could be worse, at least I have electricity, fresh water, and a kitchen stocked with various goods in my pantry, they may not be fresh produce, but we won’t go hungry that’s for sure. So I am grateful for what I do have. I was just enjoying the addition of greens to my diet, but I’ll be fine if I have to ration them. 😉

Hope you are enjoying the weather, you lucky dogs who are not snowed in! 😛
Until next time…


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