The Snow Slideshow Continues…

I hope you are not sick of seeing snow pictures because my ‘taste-tester’ took some more this morning… while I slept all curled up in a warm bed… he said that the windchill was 19°F… so I’m very appreciative that he faced the elements for me to get these great pictures! 🙂 Looking at the time stamps… he was out there about 40 minutes!
(*Update: I’ve been informed by my ‘taste-tester’ that the temperature was 19°F, the windchill was 9°F!)

If you are missing the food related posts… I think I’ll post twice today… I’ve been taking pictures of my creations… just not sure what I want to talk about yet. I should wrap up my kitchen gadgets series, but I’ve made minestrone, mushrooms & barley, roasted turnips, yummy bread v.2.0, and more green smoothies and green lemonade… so much to choose from!

I also have the cutest video of ‘little-bit’ eating a carrot that I was thinking about posting, but I need some assistance from my ‘taste-tester’ because flickr wants the video to only be 90 seconds long and mine is 2 min 46 sec… I guess you’ll just have to tune in to find out what I will post next.

Let’s get to the snow!…

I guess it’s not really a slideshow since it is just static pictures rather than a movie of static pictures… so maybe it’s more of a photo gallery… 😉

Let’s see, there were 205 pictures to choose from (I can hear the collective groan), it’s so hard to pare it down! I’ve got it down to 31… still obnoxious… let’s see if I can tell the story with far fewer…

Top 5

As always, ‘little-bit’ gets top billing… I took this when I finally got my lazy butt out of bed… all other pictures were taken by my ‘taste-tester’…

Of course, the avalanche waiting to happen also got top billing…

These next three were nice aerial views that I thought told the story the best in the fewest shots…

Hungry Trees

These are the trees I was talking about yesterday, the snow on the branches was so heavy that some branches, sometimes even the trees themselves, snapped and came down upon some of the parked cars. My car is safely tucked away in a garage (so glad I did that this year!)… so I was spared the trees, but I’m still trapped in my garage due to the streets not being very cleared off. Anyway, some of these cars have got to be damaged, but due to the amount of snow it really is hard to tell just how much damage…

There’s a motorcycle under here…

Two angles of this hungry tree… (click on the picture to make it bigger)

A very ravenous tree, yes there is a car under there… (click on the picture to make it bigger)
(*update: I just checked… these are not the same tree, my bad, the first photo, luckily, does not have a car under it)

Are you tired of pictures yet? I hope not, I have a few more…

Tunnel Fever

Tunnels have been created to keep us from being trapped in our apartments… 😛 (click on the picture to make it bigger)

Indulge Me

Will you indulge me just 4 more? I promise I’ll post something more constructive later today… (click on the picture to make it bigger)

I started out with 205 pictures but only posted 16 pictures, that’s not too bad… was it?
I’ll post again later today with something food related, I promise!
Until next time…


7 thoughts on “The Snow Slideshow Continues…

  1. dang girl, glad it’s you and not me 🙂
    i dont love the snow. at all. growing up in cold weather and snow turned me off for life!
    i gave you a shoutout the other day re making my maple based dressing. thanks for always letting me know when you make things; it’s nice to know people actually try my recipes!

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