Kitchen Gadgets, Parts 2 & 3, Green Lemonade Update, and an Epiphany…

In the forecast, they say we are going to get around 20 inches of snow over the next 2-3 days (aka. the weekend). I managed to get out yesterday and pick up some produce (mostly greens) prior to my knowledge of this… the cashier actually brought the forecast to my attention. My ‘taste-tester’ worked a really long shift yesterday (20 hours straight), so when he got home this morning I ran out to pick up some more goods. I went to whole foods, I got there at 8:20 am (yes, it really was 7 am when my ‘taste-tester’ got home – I told you my life is chaos), and there was a sign stating that they were going to open an hour later (9 am) today due to an employee meeting… but there was this dude (I presume an employee) at the door saying it would only be another 10 minutes and then left, so most of us surrounding the door decided to wait… ten minutes came and went… someone then left the store with large water bottles in his hands looking at us like, ‘why are you guys waiting outside, and also why doesn’t the automatic door open?’… we all took that to mean that apparently they were open but forgot to open the parking garage door… nope… still in a meeting for another 25 minutes. “Can’t we just shop without paying while you guys finish up your meeting?” someone asked, to which an employee replied, “There are about 200 employees blocking the isles”. I decided to leave. I still had the ‘regular’ grocery store to go to and I knew that my ‘taste-tester’ was trying to get some sleep, and who knows what kind of shenanigans ‘little-bit’ was pulling with his separation anxiety.

*This next part is a bit long, my apologies… I’ve debated whether or not to even publish it, so I’ve compromised and made it it’s own page, feel free to ignore it… *

Speaking of ‘little-bit’ and his anxiety… I’ve had an epiphany.

Where was I? Oh yes, I went to whole foods and waited, only to leave without buying anything. Then I went to a regular grocery store and bought some other necessary goods for the coming ‘blizzard’… strangely the majority of the items were processed, hmmm… I was torn between returning to whole foods (because I was just not impressed with the produce at the ‘regular’ grocery store) and taking longer to get back home or just make do with the food I have on hand… I chose making do. My fridge is full of produce, mind you, I just don’t know how long to prepare for, you know? If I go nuts, then the snow will be minimal and I’ll have food forever, if I just get a bit more than usual, then I’ll be snowed in for a week. 😛

But let’s get back to those kitchen gadgets, shall we?

Last night while making dinner I realized I have two other kitchen gadgets, besides the two I was originally thinking of… so I’ll squeeze the new ones in the middle of the juicer and the other one I’ve yet to write about…

I was chopping onions, my eyes started to water and then I remembered I just ordered and received onion goggles! 🙂

Hey if Nathan Fillion can wear them, so can I.

They really work! I had one eye starting to tear up when I remembered, I put on the goggles and continued cutting the onions without any more tears, I kept them on while chopping the garlic too, because sometimes garlic tears me up. I took them off soon after the onions had been cooking awhile and were translucent. I’m glad I bought them, no more tears while cutting onions. 🙂

I also made some home-made bread last night…

I’ve been grappling with how to store the bread. I’ve tried laying it cut-side down with a lint-free cloth over it, it does ok, but it soon gets stale. I’ve tried putting it in a ziplock bag, but it’s too moist. So I thought I’d give the bread keeper a try…

It has a vent on it so that you can adjust how much air you let in, it will take some tinkering, so I don’t have a adequate review of it yet, but it sure is cute. 😉

In other news, I tinkered a bit more with the green lemonade last night…

This time I used about 1/2 head romaine, handful of spinach, 1/4 lemon, smaller knob of ginger, 1/2 seedless cucumber, and 3 apples – 2 breaburns and 1 small granny smith… I liked it better, it wasn’t so in your face lemon-y… the cucumber is still strong, but I think I will get used to it or maybe I should peel the cucumber first… I’ll play with it more and let you know. 😉

Wow, writing that ‘epiphany’ section took forever, it took me 4 hours to write and edit this post!

How long to you spend on writing your posts? I’m a perfectionist, so I reread my posts at least three times, editing it until I like the wording of it.

until next time…


5 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets, Parts 2 & 3, Green Lemonade Update, and an Epiphany…

  1. well good luck w/ the snow!
    posts…a long time, but i usually have 20-25 pics per post plus copy, plus at least 10 back links, plus links to other bloggers, plus…
    it goes on and on. 2 hrs. I’d say. Honestly, anyone who says they do it in 20 mins either has 1 pic or is a speed writer. Mine are huge and take a long time. I am incapable of downsizing them 🙂

    • Averie – the snow hasn’t started yet but on the radar I can see it surrounding us, it’ll start with in the hour I suspect… now the forecast claims 20-28 inches of snow, yikes!

      I usually spend 2-3 hrs on a post, the recipe ones take the longest, actually so do pictures, because I tend to fix the lighting and crop them and then resize them so that they are only 500×375 pixels rather than 3264×2448 pixels – also so that I can have more pictures on wordpress before I would have to upgrade ;)… I’m glad to know that I’m in the norm when it comes to time spent creating posts. 🙂

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