Wrenched Back…

How was your weekend? Mine was interesting…

It snowed Saturday, about two or three inches I’d say, we stayed in and enjoyed the solitude. On Sunday, however, I took ‘little-bit’ out for a short stroll, the snow hadn’t been cleaned from the apartment complex’s parking lot, only sand had been put out and the streets were just compacted snow. Not really thinking, ‘little-bit’ and I went looking around… let me back up a bit… I wanted to go to the store and I was curious what the streets looked like, both in my complex and out beyond… ok, so we were out surveying the area, when all of a sudden ‘little-bit’ let out a pitiful bark wail and had his paw in the air… he then dropped to the ground continuing to make that noise of pain. I rushed down, tried to wipe the salt or whatever was causing the pain from his paw only to have him give me a look and wail of more pain… now I know I can’t pick him up, he weighs 65 lbs, but I tried anyway… I didn’t feel the pain immediately, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stand up with him, so instead I did my best to just get his feet off the snow while I sat in a squat position with him balanced on my thighs… I knew then that I had wrenched my back… but at that moment ‘little-bit’ was more important.

I did my best to warm his front paws with my hands… So here I am in the street – just off to the side, thank goodness – sitting in a squat position with my 65 lb basset hound balanced on my thighs… not far from my apartment but far enough that this is going to be a problem. A few cars passed me, but I was concentrating on warming his feet and trying to figure out what to do next. I decided to put my gloves on his front paws and see if I could walk him to the non-snow-covered area of one of the nearby buildings… he walked a little ways before the gloves fell off… I urged and tugged him to the building… once there I attempted once again to warm his feet with my now-cold-hands. By now, I knew that my back was in no condition to try that maneuver again – it was at this time that I realized that I had forgotten my phone, so I couldn’t call my ‘taste-tester’ for help – so I put (clean) poo bags on his front feet and got him to walk home. It was slow, but we got there, then somehow with the help of treats, I got ‘little-bit’ up the stairs. Once inside, I had to lay on the floor on my back with my legs curled up – like an upside-down fetal position – for some time. My ‘taste-tester’ convinced me to lay down in bed and rest for awhile, I was really wanting to go to the grocery store – I was out of greens – so it took some convincing (I’m hard-headed). Hours later, he offered to drive me to the store with ‘little-bit’ in tow, and that worked out really well, he’s awesome.

A sure-fire way to make you feel old and out of shape is to wrench your back. I can walk around and do most things, but then the strangest things make it hurt again, oddest one is laughing. Sitting or standing for too long hurts too, luckily I had leftovers in the fridge for last night’s dinner. I’ve been walking around gingerly and slowly like I’m 90, I’m sure I drove many people crazy yesterday at the store, but it’s mostly precaution, just don’t want to hurt myself further. I’m not really into taking OTC drugs, I’m going to let the pain be my reminder not to overdo, while showing myself compassion.

So I’m currently in a reclined position using my laptop, instead of sitting at my desk. My ‘taste-tester’ took a sick day so that he can help me and ‘little-bit’ out today. He’s pretty worried about me, he knows from experience how you can think you are ok, but then re-hurt yourself… so it’s good he’s here to help me out, even if it is only for a day. 🙂


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