Puppy Stroll…

I took ‘little-bit’ to the trail today, it was in the mid-50s (°F). He really enjoyed himself, a couple of times he actually broke out into a run. I tried to take pictures as much as possible. I think I might go again tomorrow, if he’s not too tired, with my digital camera… these pictures were taken with my cell phone.

I think I earned some much needed brownie points today. I really needed some brownie points too, because I took him to daycare on Saturday so that we (my ‘taste-tester’ and I) could do some shopping together. ‘Little-bit’ has been looking at me like I’m the biggest meanie ever since. Well, actually he was curled up in a ball on Sunday looking like he had the biggest headache, but keeping a close eye on me making sure I wouldn’t slip out. Turns out he barked non-stop the first three hours he was there, silly pup, he finally settled down a bit, but still, I feel like the worst mom. Anyway, thought I’d make it up to him with a fun walk in a new place, and I think I succeeded in spades… he’s been passed out looking very content ever since we got back. 😀

I was able to get some really nice pictures since it was sunset, enjoy…



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