Produce Wednesday, New Food & Cruelty-Free Products Weekly Wrap-up

Today’s organic bounty:

    Fingerling Potatoes
    Grape Tomatoes–> Acorn Squash (*not organic)
    Butternut Squash
    Red Leaf Lettuce
    Cucumbers–> more Mangoes
    Fuji Apples
    Bosc Pears
    Portabello Mushrooms–> more Bananas
    Portabello Mushrooms (*oops, I got mushrooms anyway)

I changed my delivery order a bit, I was tired of cucumbers and mushrooms, so I subbed out more bananas and mangoes. I see some kale & mango green smoothies in my future. 😉 I don’t like grape/cherry tomatoes so I subbed out an acorn squash (from the mixed box). I think I confused them with all those changes though, because I got mushrooms anyway. That’s ok, I’ve been short an item before, but didn’t complain because I knew it would all even out eventually.

(*Side note: did you know that the plural of mango can be mangos or mangoes? Word press’s spell check seems to prefer mangoes.)


New Food Weekly Wrap-up:

Did you try anything new this past week?
Here’s what I tried this week…

Newman’s Own -Sockarooni — pasta sauce… I made yummy bread (pineapple, olive) over the winter holidays and found this at a ‘regular’ grocery store. It is amazing with my yummy bread! As far as I can tell it’s vegan, there is sugar in it, and I don’t know it’s source. But given that it’s Newman’s Own and they are into natural and organic, I think I’m gonna risk it. If you are a more strict vegan, you might skip this one.
Rating: Awesome!

Stacy’s -Simply Naked (nothing but sea salt) — Pita Chips… This is really good with hummus and kalamata olives, or just plain. 🙂
Rating: Awesome

Annie’s Naturals
– Balsamic Vinaigrette — Salad dressing… It was ok, it reminded me of mayonnaise, and that’s not a compliment. 😕 I cannot find my old tried and true balsamic vinaigrette, it’s been so long that I don’t even remember exactly what brand it was (*sigh*), the search continues for a good one. Vegans note that this has honey in it, which I was willing to overlook, but seeing as how it’s not that great, it’s a moot point. Rating: Skip it

Annie’s Naturals – Red Wine & Olive Oil Vinaigrette — Salad dressing… This was less than stellar… it was mostly oily, without much flavor. 😕 Rating: Skip it

So the search continues… I’m trying to find a salad dressing for my salads that are made with more delicate lettuces than kale. My goddess dressing just overpowers delicate lettuces (even though it is awesome with kale). My quest is for a salad dressing that is vegan and does not use high-fructose corn syrup. My homemade dressings never seem to taste good, not sure why, but I just don’t seem to have a salad dressing knack. Do you have any suggestions for a salad dressing?

cruelty-free (peta) leaping bunny (CCIC)

New Cruelty-Free Beauty and Cleaning Products

* vegan, “do not use animal ingredients”, “no animal by-products”, “100% vegetarian ingredients”

* Alba Botanica – Cocoa Butter Dry-Repair — Hair Conditioner… During the winter months, my hair seems dryer than normal, this is a thick conditioner and does a great job! Rating: Awesome!

Today I went for a run and then I had a nap… I feel like I’m in an AA meeting, ‘My name is nic, and I took a nap’. Actually naps are good for you, and I’m not going to feel guilty about it any more! I attempted to take a 20 minute nap, but I was just starting to get tired at that point, so I reset my timer for an additional 20 minutes where I actually fell asleep. Does that count as a 40 minute nap? Whatever, I feel better.


3 thoughts on “Produce Wednesday, New Food & Cruelty-Free Products Weekly Wrap-up

  1. Annies’ Dressings are TOTALLY!!!!!!! overrated in my book!
    Goddess. Blah.
    The honey mustard one that is “popular” now in the b’sphere…also meh.
    That’s why Ive taken to making my own. My Vegan Slaw dressing is a sweeter dressing, but has 3 ingredients and is not blah, at all. If i do say so 🙂

    Love that Alba line. Everything in that line of theirs smells heavenly AND works!


    • Averie – I actually like the goddess, but have been quite disappointed with the other Annie’s dressings… I’ve tried making dressings in the past with not much success, I should look into some of your dressings, I’m not too sure about the mayo in your vegan slaw tho, not a fan of mayo… but maybe the Vegan Holiday-Spice Orange Vinaigrette. 🙂

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