Winter Blues…

My first thought this morning was, ‘I miss summer’. I don’t really like summer, I don’t like to be hot and I burn easily. I usually hide in the shade the whole season. In fact, I own two t-shirts expressing my dislike of too much sun (‘Keep out of direct sunlight’ and ‘The sun is trying to kill me’).

But what I do miss is the sunshine, warm showers, and longer days. I’ve lived in this area for a little over 4 years, and I believe that this winter is especially frigid. I mean, technically, it snowed twice before the winter season even started (Dec. 21). And that second snow was 16-18 in, which is the most snow I’ve ever seen. Ok, so maybe I don’t know what a real winter is, since I grew up in the south, and I still don’t live far enough north to claim I’m in the north yet. But, damn it, it’s cold!

It doesn’t help matters that the architects of my apartment building were clearly insane, I mean, really, who puts a water heater outside!? This is the only place I’ve ever lived that had the water heater outside, and I’ve moved around a lot in my life. You know, the other seasons of the year, I actually like my apartment, but the winters, they can be brutal. Especially if you need to get anywhere quickly in the mornings. One cold shower, coming up.

So, I woke up a bit cranky. I wanted to go for a jog but I knew it was cold. I looked up the windchill, it was 15°F. I hemmed and hawed, trying to decide if I was willing to go for it. On a previous jog, I had decided that a windchill of 20°F would be my limit, I’d go no lower. But I had that craving to go for a run. I went ahead and made some tea, surfed the web, checked the weather again… hmmm windchill 18°F… I did some stretches and some self-guided yoga… walked the dog, twice… checked the weather, again… hmmmm windchill 20°F…. Ok, I’ll go. It was nearly 1pm by the time I was headed to the trail.

The jog, was ok, not spectacular, and I think the windchill was actually colder than 20°F, because the jog was harder today. Not to mention that since it snowed on Thursday night there were still patches of snow and ice that I had to walk over slower so that I didn’t slip and fall. My running time dropped, but I got my jog in, so I’m happier. Besides, crazy girl, you ran in the frelling cold! Of course it was hard!

On my way home, I stopped into whole foods to get some bananas and kale, (yea! they had kale!) and some other goodies. I also popped into a ‘regular’ grocery store to pick up some ‘normal’ stuff. You know, I’d forgotten when I planned my run and shopping trip that Saturdays suck at grocery stores! It took forever (especially at the ‘regular’ grocery store) to get my few items and to head home. I’m exhausted.

You know, I keep reading other blogs about people’s experiences with losing weight and starting a running program, and no one, I mean, has said, ‘and on the days I ran, I wanted to take a nap’. But me, I want to take a nap on my jog days. Makes me feel lazy. In my mind, I know that it makes since to want to slow down and recover from a vigorous day of exercise. But my negative thoughts wander over to making me feel bad for wanting to take a quick nap, like for an hour or so. And when I do indulge and give myself what my body asks for, I feel better. Why doesn’t anyone else fess up that they are tired on vigorous days?

Anyway, I tried out a new green smoothie… a concoction of my own design… it’s ok. It seems to be missing something, but I can’t put my finger on it. It is drinkable, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not ‘amazing’, which is what I strive for in my creations. Maybe you can help…

Here’s what I blended…

    1 cup coconut water
    1/2 cup ‘lots of pulp’ orange juice
    1 large leaf of kale, rib removed
    1 banana
    handful frozen pineapple

I put a squirt of agave in at the end, but that wasn’t it. I was thinking maybe apple juice, but I decided to just drink it before I ruined it. Any suggestions, I’d love to hear. 🙂

Ok, so I’m finished with my rant, how’s the winter blues in your neck of the woods?


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