Random much?…

I had planned on posting yesterday, but I had some things on my TO DO list that just had to be done, namely, pay bills. By the time I was finally able to sit down to write, it was midnight and I found myself staring at a blank page thinking, ‘I just want to relax’. So I decided that it could wait until tomorrow, and proceeded to veg out…

It was rather fortuitous of me to go for a run yesterday, because it snowed last night and the windchill is currently 13°F.

But I digress, yesterday I woke up mid-morning and quietly got ready for my run, stretching and having some liquid. I had the bright idea to mix chocolate amazing grass and soymilk and then zapping it in the microwave for a nutritious hot chocolate… eerm… I don’t suggest you do that. I drank it, but I wasn’t happy about it. And I was beginning to think I was going to be sick, but luckily that feeling passed. I don’t usually eat before working out, I sometimes have a cup of tea before yoga, but for running I’m still trying to figure out a balance between too much and not enough. As in, it might be beneficial if I had some extra help for energy for my runs, but I don’t want to feel queasy and then not feel well enough to even go. Anyway, I don’t suggest heating chocolate amazing grass.

So armed with my music, water, and plenty of layers (including ear muffs) I headed off to that trail I was talking about in my last post. I went late enough in the morning that traffic wasn’t too bad, and also late enough that the windchill had warmed up to 25°F, balmy I tell ya. I decided to redo the week 1 podcast for couch to 5k, because I haven’t done much in the way of vigorous exercise in about two weeks, so I figure one step back two steps forward, right? Plus, I already knew what to expect from the audio so I could concentrate on my new surroundings. And because I happen to like the music selection, especially the song for the 4th run. 🙂

On my way back home, I popped into whole foods and got some baby spinach and some other goodies. I had planned to also get kale, but there was none to be had. I read recently on Mama’s Weeds that one of the ways she learned to love running was to eat her green veggies. Which got me to thinking about green smoothies and how they have somehow disappeared from my life. I’ve been ‘cheating’ by having my favorite smoothie with chocolate amazing grass added rather than having a full blown green smoothie.
Well no more, my friends… I made myself a Laughing Gorilla v 2.0, I subbed spinach for the romaine… also I used frozen banana and mango. It was good, but INTENSE! If you like orange juice with a boot to the head, this is it! Wahhh! On a similar note, I made a Laughing Gorilla v 2.1 today, I subbed coconut water for the orange juice… but then added a splash of orange juice at the end. I was a much lighter, cleaner flavor. I liked them both, just depends upon your mood.

Here’s a breakdown of my several versions of laughing gorilla…

Laughing Gorilla
orig v 1.1 v 2.0 v 2.1
1/2 head romaine lettuce handful romaine lettuce handful spinach
2 ripe bananas 1 banana 1 frozen banana
1 mango 1/2 mango handful frozen mango
2 oranges 2 cups ‘lots of pulp’ orange juice 1 1/2 cups ‘lots of pulp’ orange juice splash ‘lots of pulp’ orange juice
2 cups water 1 1/2 cups coconut water

I made Katie’s fall’s favorite curry on Wednesday, it made 6 servings so we’ll be eating the last of it today.

I changed it up just a bit, I added 2 portobello mushrooms, 1/2 head of romaine lettuce, omitted the green beans, and also did some of the same changes I made last time. I had broccoli and butternut squash on hand this time and it made an awesome stir-fry, as expected. 🙂 I served it over brown jasmine rice.

Wow, today’s post has been fairly random…

Oh, I also wanted to mention that today I did some yoga, Neesha’s Stretching and Strengthening (YogaToday.com), it was awesome at stretching out my legs after yesterday’s run.

I was not able to finish my Recipe page updates, and I’m not sure if I can squeeze it in today, but I will be sure to let you know when I’ve put up the new and improved page. 🙂

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Random much?…

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  2. Hey Nic! I just saw your comment on my ways to love runnings page (for some reason comments on my early posts and pages don’t always show up in my inbox!) but I’m so glad you found that page helpful and that you’ve added more greens to your life!

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