Attitude Adjustment…

My life is still chaotic, but I decided to shift my perception.

Yesterday I was feeling cranky, twisted up and restless. I think perhaps I was feeling a bit of cabin fever.

Today started out later than other days, which usually means I’m going to have a cranky, feel like I need to catch-up day, but today I decided to shift my thinking. I started the day out with a few yoga stretches, in my PJs, just listening to my body and trying to stretch out the stiff parts without over-doing. After packing my ‘taste-tester’s lunch, I knocked out one of the items on my TO DO list (putting away the rest of the laundry) before my ‘taste-tester’ even left the house. So far, so good. I then got dressed and ready for the day. While blow drying my hair, I was contemplating how and where I could take ‘little-bit’ so that he didn’t have to walk too far, but I would feel like I had gotten a bit of exercise.

I remembered a jog/bike trail that I used to walk a few years back. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea. I could do some reconnaissance for future runs and I could get out of the house today. Plus ‘little-bit’ would get to have a little adventure, he’s been acting like he has cabin fever too. The trail is about 30 min away, so not only did I get to have a brisk walk, I got to have a nice drive as well. Other pluses I realized where that the jog/bike trail is clear of snow, which around here, the sidewalks are still covered in piles of ice-covered snow that won’t be melting anytime soon, therefore, blocking my running path. Also I won’t have to deal with stupid crosswalks that take forever to turn green. And the best thing I’ve realized is that, the trail is long (18 miles), so I can improve my distance without trying to figure out a new neighborhood. The downside, of course, is the 30 min drive (1hr round-trip) that I’ll have to figure into my day, especially if I go without ‘little-bit’. Another downside, is that most of the trail is along the water’s edge, which is great in the summer, but ummm… cold in the winter. But I think I’ll try it out anyway.

So, ‘little-bit’ and I did some reconnaissance and had a brisk walk, 0.43 miles in 14 min (1.84 mph), which is fast for ‘little-bit’. He usually walks much slower, it usually takes us 30-45 min to walk a half mile. I got a little turned around during the drive, but I eventually found my way to the trail. I also took a wrong turn coming home. Oh well, now I know how to get there better and perhaps I can shave off a few minutes driving time once I feel more comfortable with the drive.

Anyway, it was sunset and the sky was pretty, so I took a picture… Oh and yes, the water is frozen for quite a few yards.

I’m feeling much better now that I’ve gotten out of the house for a bit. And I just ate a kale salad while writing this, so I’m getting the feel good effects from that as well. ‘Little-bit’ seems more content too. I’m even thinking about making a stir-fry in a bit, probably Katie’s fall’s favorite curry. I have the veggies from that recipe on hand this time.

I finished revamping my Recipe page, but I still need to finish updating it. I’m about 3 months behind, oops. I think I will continue to work on it and wait to unveil it when I’ve completed the updates. I have other behind the scenes things I’m thinking about working on, but they will have to wait a bit, I’m going to go cook! 😀


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