My Love, My Life…

As I look at the ring on my left hand, I am amazed that it has been nearly 12 years since this ring was placed on my finger by my best friend…

Next week is my 12th wedding anniversary, and it has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I met my ‘taste-tester’ in our junior year of high school, at least we think we met then. See, we had some of the same friends… well, to be more specific I occasionally talked to his closest friends and he occasionally talked to my closest friends, and there is a point in history that we both recall, but aren’t positive of each other being there. For it seems that we hadn’t really met yet.

But not to worry, because a year later, we ended up having a class together. So our senior year of high school, we definitely met. We talked to each other and I remember distinctly him sitting in the seat behind mine. We exchanged senior pictures at the end of school and picked on each other because we were going to go to rival universities.

I actually stayed at home for my first year and went to a junior college, while he went off to university. Then one day, second semester, I see him, we talk, but you know, just friends. He had returned to town and was going to go to junior college for a while, and then return to university in a few semesters. I’d occasionally see him on campus and we’d talk in between classes. He walked me to my car once, and I was complaining that my boyfriend didn’t like my haircut and said I looked like a boy. My ‘taste-tester’ shyly told me that he liked it. I ended up dropping a class, and I didn’t see him much after that… (years later he told me that he kept hanging around that building waiting for me, but I’d never show… oops).

The next semester, I went off to university for a year… he stayed at the junior college. That summer, I returned to the junior college for summer school, guess who was in my class?… Yep… my ‘taste-tester’. We talked after class often. There was a day when we talked, in the campus parking lot, for hours… neither wanting to leave. I count this day as our dating anniversary, because from that day on, we were spending as much time together as possible. I was going to have to go back to university at the end of the summer, and I somehow convinced him to attend my university instead of returning to his… we’ve been together ever since.

I wouldn’t have counted myself as someone who believes in fate, but for nearly three years he kept popping back into my life. I’ll call it fate. And I’m very glad he did pop into my life, he has made me the happiest woman for the last 17 1/2 years.

We dated about 5 1/2 years before we got married. And now our 12th wedding anniversary is coming up… I’ve known this man for nearly half of my life… I don’t feel old enough to have known him 17 years, yet I feel like I’ve known him all of my life.

He is the smartest person I’ve ever met, and it embarrasses him, when I tell him so. I find him incredibly handsome, more so as the years go on, yet he doesn’t think he’s handsome, which only makes him more so. I like to look at him and see the laugh lines around his eyes when he smiles, hoping that those are there because of me.

We’ve been through a lot over the years, but my love for him has only grown stronger. He is my love, my life.


8 thoughts on “My Love, My Life…

  1. that’s the nicest post I have read all day…and I’ve read alot 🙂
    I have been married nearly 9 yrs, together about 11 yrs.
    Congrats on making it as a couple this long, married or otherwise. Being in a committed relationship takes effort, work, patience, love, and a little bit of luck. But basically an open heart and a willingness to always compromise and give/take. I love that you have found the right balance..congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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