Week 1 Day 2 (Couch to 5K)…

Today was both better and harder (see week 1 day 1, if you haven’t already). I had contemplated whether or not I would be able to do my second day due to the weather. When I looked up the forecast last night, the windchill was supposed to be around 10°F… um… treadmill? We do have a small workout room at my apartment complex, but I personally don’t care for treadmills… I get bored really easily on them. I’m never interested in what’s on the TV screen so it’s more like torture for an hour. The couch-to-5k podcasts are only a half hour, so I was seriously contemplating giving the ol’ treadmill another try. Luckily, though, when I was ready to go for my jog this morning the windchill was around 24°F so I decided to just run outside. I had on many layers. The lululemon stuff I got was great, I also had on a workout tee and an outer workout jacket.

So, it was cold, to say the least. The running bits of the workout were harder today, and I was not able to sustain a jog for the full 60 seconds for any of the eight running sets. But apparently, I was walking at a pretty good clip because both my distance and time improved. I was also more confident today, because I knew what to expect from the podcast and I knew my route this time. Overall, I’m very happy with myself. For the 5 minute cool down walk, I needed to remove my outer layer and I pulled up my sleeves… I’m sure to by-standers I seemed like the crazy healthy person who doesn’t realize it’s cold outside. 😉

Here’s a little insight as to just how cold it was this morning… I took a few seconds out to take this picture…

As for other news… I haven’t really cooked up anything spectacular, or anything that I haven’t already blogged about. I plan to make stir-fry tonight, I’m thinking about incorporating Katie’s Fall’s Favorite Curry as inspiration. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Otherwise, I’m just doing chores and seriously thinking about curling up with a book… I only have two chapters left of the book I’m reading, but it’s part one of a three part series, so I know the answers I seek are not going to be wrapped up in those two chapters. 😉

Hope you are having a good day and keeping warm!


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