Vegan Thanksgiving…

When people find out that I’m a vegan they sometimes ask, “What do you eat for Thanksgiving?”

I’ll admit that we’ve had non-traditional Thanksgivings before, where we had spaghetti and loved every second of it. 😀

One year, I went all out and made cornucopias full of veggies and gravy.

This year, I stuck to my usual, easy peasy, Thanksgiving fare… vegan style…

  • baked beans (vegetarian bush’s best)
  • salad (massaged kale (with udo’s omega blend oil), romaine, carrots, red pepper, pumpkin seeds, goddess dressing)
  • homemade cranberry sauce (basically my signature apple sauce with cranberries, apples, and an orange with more maple, to taste… also omit the apple pie spice)
  • rolls (see dough bucket: HBin5, Rosemary Flax Baguette dough p.89)
  • stuffing (store bought stuffing bread cubes (what’s with the HFCS?) with vegetable base, water, herbs de provence, oregano, and pepper… then placed in the oven to get crispy)
  • baked sweet potatoes

I was able to create this spread in about an hour and a half. I probably could have done it faster, but I chose to take a shower while the sweet potatoes baked. 😉

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! 😀


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