More Glo Bar Goodness…

As I mentioned in my last post, I purchased three flavors of Glo Bars from Angela at Oh She Glows

Renew – High Protein Post-Workout Bar
Heaven – Coconut Carob Brownie Bomb
Revive – Chunky Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Last time, I described the first flavor I tried, Revive, as… “Imagine a rice crispy treat married with a granola bar intermingled with some chocolatey-peanut-buttery goodness. That’s what the Revive Bar tasted like to me. Mmmmm…”. I am a chocoholic and so I really enjoyed the peanut butter chocolate combination. The next flavor I tried was Heaven… Wow! I think this one is my favorite of the three. Even though it is carob instead of chocolate, the carob-coconut tastes much like chocolate-coconut. You can’t go wrong with chocolate-coconut in my book. This one, I think, is also a tiny bit sweeter than Revive, which I really liked. I think the bit more of sweetness brought out the the coconut flavor more. I waited to try the Renew until I did a 3 mile walk, so that I could feel the full effects of the extra protein. The flavor is a delicate peanut-butter-vanilla, which was actually quite perfect after a workout. I don’t really want an intense flavor after a workout, so this is perfect. Overall, I am quite pleased with the Glo Bars. The cook in me finds it quite interesting that even though the ingredients are very similar in each bar, the taste of each bar has a uniqueness to it.

My ‘taste-tester’ has also been trying out these bars. (I’ve been packing them in his lunch.) He’s tried the Revive and the Heaven. He also likes the Heaven most, I might have to fight him for them. I gave him a bite of the Renew, I think he likes the chocolatey ones better. 😉

The bars come in packs of ten, so I have had 30 bars. I have found myself rather addicted to these bars. The day I tried the Heaven, I craved another bar all day. I scavenged the kitchen most of the day, never finding what I wanted. I finally gave in and had another bar, Revive, that’s what my body wanted. I should have listened. I think my body appreciates and craves the oats and other whole grains in these bars. I like being able to ‘treat’ myself while knowing that what I’m putting in my body is good for me. Thanks Angela, these bars are great! I have a feeling that those 30 bars are not going to last 15 days! 🙂

Today is going to be a short post, I do intend to talk about that turnip soup, maybe next time. 😉


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