Produce Wednesday Thursday & Other Stuff…

Some things came up yesterday, so I was unable to post. My mind is elsewhere today, so this will probably be a short post.

I’m worried about ‘little-bit’. He’s been having issues with his gall bladder, kidneys, and liver for the last year or so. I have him on gall bladder and arthritis medication. One of the side effects of the arthritis medication is that it may affect the liver. So we’ve been keeping an eye on his liver and occasionally adding additional medications per the vet. I took him in for blood work on Tuesday for his 3 month check and his liver counts have risen again. The vet requested we do a urine culture, so I took him early this morning. I should find out more in a few days. I’m a worrier, hopefully, he’s fine.

I have a few other things on my mind, but I cannot discuss them here. Some things have been brought to light, some decisions need to be made, and I don’t want to jinx anything. Change is in the air, my fingers are crossed that we make sound decisions, and the right decisions for us. Keep us in your thoughts and send us some good karma if you can. šŸ˜‰

Let’s get to the food…

Yesterday I received my bi-weekly delivery of organic produce, here’s the bounty…

* Cauliflower
* Baby Maroon Carrots
* Avocados
* Cucumber
* Bananas
* Navel Oranges
* Fuji Apples
* Kiwi Bananas
* White Mushrooms
* Red Seedless Grapes
* Romaine Lettuce

Again, I’m allergic to kiwi, so I substituted bananas. Nothing too strange, although I’ve mentioned before that I don’t buy cauliflower very often, so it is like a new food to me. I will have to see if I make the dish from back in June or something new.

My ‘taste-tester’ has had the opportunity to try out three new soups from Amy’s… he has rated them all ‘very good’, with the added “you should try them for inspiration”. As in, he thinks I could make them even better, something about my TLC is missing from the soups to rate them ‘awesome’. Awwww, he’s so sweet. ♥

We’ve tried a new raw bar, over the weekend I was in whole foods and my friend who works there asked if I’d tried the PURE bars yet. I hadn’t, she said her favorite was the apple & cinnamon one, and hooked me up with a free bar to try. I took it home and split it with my ‘taste-tester’, and we were both mouth-full-shaking-our-heads-up-and-down-yes, this is a good bar. I like the combination of walnuts, cashews, and almonds with the bits of apple. Larabar, you now have competition! šŸ˜‰

Speaking of Larabars and competition… I recently got on the band wagon that both Katie & Averie have been on for some time. Making their own versions of Larabars. Katie calls them ‘fudge babies’ and Averie calls them ‘fudge balls’. We’ve been calling them ‘fun balls’, not to be confused with ‘happy fun balls’. šŸ˜€ I made the chocolate chip cookie dough version with walnuts, dates, and Lindt chocolate. OMG! Where have I been? These were AWESOME! Let me tell you something right now… medjool dates are sooooo much better than deglet noor dates. I have only just recently been able to find medjool dates, and man have I been missing out! Medjool dates taste kinda like honey and they melt, literally melt, in your mouth. They make a really good sticky sweetener that these ‘fun balls’ need to stay together. Who knew three ingredients was all you needed to make a nutritious, and sweet snack? We goobled them up, and I just made another batch this morning with pecans, cocoa powder, dates, and Lindt chocolate. What can I say, besides, go. make. these. now!

I have also tried out a new cruelty-free product. I was wanting a more sudsy face wash, so I purchased aloe 80 organics aloe vera facial wash. This is the same brand as the face lotion I’ve been using, and I like the face wash too. I’ve been using it for about a week and I’m very happy with this product. As I stated above, I like a more lathery and sudsy face wash, and this fits the bill. It rinses off easy and my face doesn’t feel dry. It’s a keeper.

I was able to create an ‘operation exercise’ page yesterday, so if you have a chance, go check it out. I still need to update my ‘recipes’, and ‘products I use’ pages. I somehow always get behind on those. But I have a long to do list today, so I’ll do what I can.

For future posts, I plan to post about a turnip soup I made, and perhaps about the new Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day breads I’ve made recently. I try to keep up-to-date my little dough bucket in the right hand column, so you can see that there.

Since I had the vet appointment so early this morning I was not able to do my exercise of the day, yet, I hope to get to that soon. I’m thinking I’ll do the First Steps to Tranquility video with Sarah. Speaking of yoga, I was able to get to do that yoga on Monday and I also did some yoga on Tuesday. Yea!

I’d better be going, I’ve got lots to do today…


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