The vacation is over… old habits resurface…

So yesterday was the end of our vacation… aka recovery time. This morning though, I did one of my worst habits, putting my own needs last. This was actually the reason I started operation exercise in the first place, trying to remind myself to put some of my needs higher in priority. Because when I feel good and healthy, I have more to give.

So how did it happen? I’m not sure. For the past week, I’ve been getting up on my own without an alarm clock around 7am.

    Then I:

  • go fix myself a cup of tea
  • do some form of exercise
  • shower
  • feed and walk ‘little-bit’
  • prepare the two of us smoothies
  • go about my day

Today, I did everything out of order. First I didn’t wake until 8am but didn’t actually get out of bed until 9ish when ‘little-bit’ started making noise to get me up. I realized that my ‘taste-tester’ would be needing the shower at 10, so I needed to hurry.

    So I:

  • fed ‘little-bit’
  • showered
  • took ‘little-bit’ for a very short walk
  • made smoothies
  • prepared and packed my ‘taste-tester’s lunch
  • made myself a cup of tea

After my ‘taste-tester’ left for work, I started doing chores… Notice that exercise is missing from today. While vacuuming, I was thinking about how I needed to make sure I got some yoga in today. I still needed to do several chores because I had let them slip during our little vacation. I finally got around to being able to take a break around 3ish, I took ‘little-bit’ for a longer walk hoping I’d be able to get him to walk about a mile. But he had other plans, every so often, he’d put on the breaks and make like he wanted to go home, when I’d turn around to go home, he would then turn and go in a new path. I think he must have been trying to track something. I learned long ago that walks are much more enjoyable if I let him lead, otherwise I’m just dragging him and we are both unhappy. He eventually led me towards a puppy who happened to be a basset mix, I wonder if that’s what he was tracking? We headed home soon there after. Turns out, we didn’t get quite a mile in, only a little over half a mile. By the time we got home (4ish), I was starving. I had forgotten to eat lunch. I contemplated yoga or food? I was so hungry, I chose food. I thought I’d do some yoga after. Unfortunately, I only got about 12 minutes in before I regretted eating so soon before. I told myself that I’d give myself an hour to digest my food, and then continue the yoga session. So, it’s been nearly an hour, and now ‘little-bit’ is requesting an outing. When I return, I. will. do. yoga.

Do you find it hard to do things for yourself? I am such a giver, I sometimes forget to give to myself. But when I do take the time and do something for me, I always feel better and I always seem to have so much more to give to others than when I don’t do something for me. Funny how that works.

I’m off to take ‘little-bit’ for an apparently much needed walk, then I will do the rest of that yoga session!

Operation Exercise


  • Nov 15 – YogaToday – Prevent Sciatica with Yoga (* props: strap)
    – Sarah (1 hour)
    ** This is one of my favorites, whenever I start to feel a tightening of my hips or a pinch in my low back with a surge of pain down my leg, I know that this session will make me feel better.

  • Nov 15 – Me and puppy – stroll (meander)/dogpark – ~0.75 miles
  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  • Nov 16 – Me and puppy – stroll (meander) – ~0.63 miles

  • yoga

  • Nov 16 – YogaToday – ** This week’s free class! **
    Cultivating Friendliness with Twisting Postures – Neesha (1 hour)



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