Operation Exercise…

squirrelDoes making yourself accountable on the web really help you with weight loss? I’ve come across several food blogs that mention the struggles and successes of losing weight and sticking to a meal plan and/or exercise plan. Most mention that they started their blogs to help them out and that some days the blog was what kept them on track.

I’ve got the meal plan down pat. I’m happy with the choices I make and I’m pretty happy with my recent ability to portion control, something I’ve been struggling with for some time.

What I need to work on is exercise. It’s easy to make excuses and I have plenty. little-bit in autumn leavesMy latest excuse seems to be that since ‘floofy’ died, I haven’t been able to leave the house much because ‘little-bit’ now has extreme separation anxiety (how could you say no to that face?). And my excuse for stopping yoga is that ‘floofy’ use to hang out with me and then lay right up next to me during savasana (corpse pose), and once he died it made me cry when I did yoga. Sometimes yoga can put you in a state of vulnerability with self-reflection and that was a scary place I didn’t want to go, my inner turmoil. I use to do 5 (1-hour) sessions of yoga a week, then it became once in a blue moon.

But I’ve made little strides here and there in the last (almost) two years since ‘floofy’ died, I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan in Dec ’08… that alone helped me lose 3 lbs. Then I started taking morning walks this past summer, walking 3 miles in a little over an hour. I lost another 4 lbs.

But, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting squirrels and geese lately, actually since July. Well, that’s because I haven’t been walking. 😦 My ‘taste-tester’s schedule got all wonky, there was no rhyme or reason to his schedule and the two of us were struggling to stay sane. Quite literally he would go into work and end up staying from anywhere between 10-16 hours… sometimes that meant he got home after sunrise (you may recall some of my posts mentioning him working the late late shift)… needless to say our schedule has been a wreck. I tried to keep his schedule rather than be two ships passing in the night, all the while, ‘little-bit’ had his own schedule of getting up no later than 9am and wanting to go out and be fed… I was pulled in every direction trying to keep everyone healthy. Doing my best to make healthy food for my ‘taste-tester’ to take to work, and trying to maintain some semblance of ‘little-bit’s schedule which also consisted of going to the dog park to see his friends each evening (where I stand or sit around talking to other dog owners). Basically, I was a walking zombie. I lost my ability to be creative… in the kitchen, in my writing… I didn’t really want to cook, and when I sat down to write on my blog, I didn’t always find the words or feel as funny and free as I wanted to be (like I was in the summer), so I mostly just posted recipes. I read a lot of other blogs and basically sat on my ass a lot, too tired to do anything productive, and did absolutely no exercise. When my ‘taste-tester’ got home we’d complain about his schedule and feel frustrated and then either watch TV or go to sleep. I regained 3-4 lbs.

This past week he was finally given a reprieve from work (others might call it a vacation… I call it recovery), but we’ve been working on getting our schedules back to ‘normal’, it’s been a hard road. Our bodies were use to staying up until 5am, so it was hard to go to bed before even midnight. I’ve successfully turned my schedule back around, I’ve woken up on my own (without alarm) around 7am for three mornings straight. Yea! He’s still working on it… but I think he’ll get there soon. He asked me to get him up tomorrow at 7 when I get up. I’ve also done yoga (1-hour sessions) yesterday and the day before. Yea! I mentioned to my ‘taste-tester’ that I think I’m going to start the morning walks again tomorrow, which is when he ask me to get him up too.

So we can’t help but judge things but by numbers. As much as we’d like to toss out that scale, we still check it often. I try not to let it put me in a bad mood, but use it as a reminder that I may not be taking good care of myself. I am a short woman, only 5′ 2″, so my weight needs to be lower than say someone who is 5′ 9″. Also, I’m in my *cough*late-thirties*cough* (I feel and look younger, though!), so my metabolism is slower than it was in my twenties. I can gain weight quite easily now, but it takes a bit of work to lose it.

Back in July 2001, I was my heaviest, weighing 160 lbs (29.3 BMI) (*see chart below), aka just 4 lbs short of being considered obese.

    BMI Calculator

    BMI (Body Mass Index) Categories:
    * Underweight = <18.5
    * Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
    * Overweight = 25-29.9
    * Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

When my size 14 clothes were too tight and I refused to buy size 16, I stopped being a ‘junkatarian’ and got serious about learning how to cook and how to eat healthier. I also started walking, with my dogs, and doing Denise Austin workout videos and reading her books. Denise started to add more yoga to her workouts, and eventually I transitioned to doing primarily yoga videos from Gaiam instructors (Rodney Yee, Suzanne Deason, and Patricia Walden). I no longer wanted the peppy Denise, but wanted the calming strength building yoga provided by the Gaiam instructors. I also had a subscription to Yoga Journal. One day I noticed an ad for YogaToday.com (a site for free daily 1-hour yoga sessions), I really liked two of the instructors and enjoyed getting a new video each day… I like that they are fun without being too peppy and that they still stress proper alignment… that’s when my practice really started to get better, and more frequent. I looked forward to the newness and was doing yoga 5 times a week. I had gotten down to 135 lbs (24.7 BMI). But then ‘floofy’ died, I stopped doing exercise, I didn’t even realize that I had until about a year later. I had been bobbing around 145-147 lbs (26.5-26.9 BMI) for some time. But, then I decided to transition to vegan, I dropped to 142 lbs (26.0 BMI) but had not yet incorporated any exercise into my life. That’s when I was struggling with crying while doing yoga, and having ‘little-bit’ bark his head off if I left him alone longer than 15 minutes. This summer, I started to get up at civil twilight, before my ‘taste-tester’ and ‘little-bit’ were up, so that I could get some exercise in, I felt great! My clothes looked and fit better, I was in a good mood. I even bought (and wore all summer) some really cute skirts/skorts and tops from Title 9 to show off my new mood. I had gotten down to 138 lbs (25.2 BMI). But then the weirdness with the schedule sabotaged my exercise plans and my weight, and my mood for that matter.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty good, I think the scale said 140 lbs (25.6 BMI) this morning. We’ve been taking family strolls in the evenings, and like I mentioned I’ve had two 1-hour sessions of yoga this week. My goal is to get back up to 5 days a week of yoga, 3 or more days a week of 3-mile walks and to weigh 125 lbs (22.9 BMI).

I have no intention of changing my blog to ‘here’s my plate’ three times a day, or to flog myself for failing. I think I will just mention a little kudos to myself (aka Operation Exercise) when I’ve done something for me. Expect to continue to see awesome recipes, and hopefully some squirrels. Which incidentally, I did see a squirrel the other day when I went shopping that I’ve been meaning to post.

And I just have to post this… it’s too funny… any Harry Potter fans, whomping willow?… same tree, different view, only 8 days apart…


October 28, 2009


November 5, 2009

Operation Exercise

  • Nov 5 – Me and pooch walk (meander) ~ 1.25miles
  • Nov 6 – YogaToday – Happy Hips and Hamstrings — Sarah (1 hour)
  • Nov 7 – Rodney Yee DVD – Yoga for Energy (1 hour)
  • Nov 7 – Family walk (meander) ~ 1.25 miles

Slowly revealing myself to the world…


5 thoughts on “Operation Exercise…

  1. I think it’s great to use your blog as a way to motivate yourself! Although I don’t think I necessarily want to blog about it, I really need to find a way to address my exercise issue too – if ever there was anyone allergic to exercise, it’d be me! And- can I just take a moment hear to commiserate with you about being short? I hear you about needing to weigh less – some days I would trade in my left kidney for a few more inches! Good luck! 🙂 -Eve

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