Kale Chips and Some Kindness…

I was going to post about my mushroom soup today, but that can wait until next time…

Yesterday, I decided to make some Kale Chips a la Averie from Averie over at loveveggiesandyoga.com, pictures to follow. I only made a half batch since we’ve never had kale chips before and because I love fresh kale and wanted some for a salad later. So while fighting with my vitamix because the amount of kale topping, aka nooch topping, I was making was too small for the blender to work with properly. I mentioned to my ‘taste-tester’ that I needed to get a magic bullet like Chocolate-Covered Katie uses. And lo and behold, Katie is having a “your-choice giveaway”! As in, a magic bullet from cookware.com! What a funny coincidence!

And while I’m talking about Katie, I thought I’d mention that Katie is currently embarking on Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness which is a Page View Charity Drive for the month of November, all the proceeds go to The Enough Project.

From Katie’s Blog:

“What exactly is a Page View Charity Drive?

Basically, it’s this: Every time someone views a page on my blog, Foodbuzz pays a certain amount of money. It’s not much, but it can add up. (Not that I blog for the money; even with thousands of visitors per day, the $ I get isn’t very much!)

What I’m hoping to do with this charity drive is to get as many page views as possible. More page views = more money raised. Then, at the end of the month, I’ll send all of the money over to my pet charity (i.e. the charity with which I am most involved), The Enough Project. (It’s the same charity for which I raised money last year on the blog. It’s also where all my Africard profits go.)”

Wow! She’s such a sweet and kind-hearted person, please visit Katie’s blog and help her make her charity goals. I also have a little RSSfeed Cloud over in my right-hand column so that you can see Katie’s last three posts to remind you to go to her site. 🙂

Ok, back to the food…

I want to thank Averie for getting back with me so quickly. See, her recipe for Kale Chips is for a dehydrator, which I don’t have, so I wrote her asking for advice for temperature and times in an oven. She suggested 300°F for 15 minutes on each side.

As I’ve mentioned before, my skills in the kitchen have been hit or miss lately… I don’t know if my oven just doesn’t like low temperatures or if it has just been acting up lately. I was already aware that it tends to be 50°F higher than the setting dial. Luckily I learned long ago to use an oven thermometer and not trust what the dial claims it will set the oven to. Anyway, I don’t think my oven likes to be set to such low temperatures, because even though I set the dial to 250°F, so that it would actually be 300°F, I looked in after my kale had been cooking about 7 minutes and the darn thing said 400°F (wtf!). So keep a close eye and nose on these chips… I ended up baking my kale chips for 15 minutes on one side and about 7 minutes on the other, who knows what temperature it was at because I kept having to play with the dial to try to keep it at 300°F. But I was always near, and kept opening the oven and smelling for burning. I think they turned out really well. Some were still a little soft, but those chips were slightly bigger than the others, so the key is to try to make uniform pieces.

As for taste, I think it’s an acquired taste. I love raw kale, which in itself is acquired, so these do take a bit of getting used to. As I continued to eat them, though, they started to grow on me. I really liked the ones that practically melted in your mouth, which were the more toasty ones, I thought that was really neat. While cooking the kale chips the scent reminded me of broccoli. So it is a distinct taste, a bit hard to put your finger on exactly. Certainly not ‘gross’, just different, and different = good. 😉

Averie’s nooch topping was excellent! I really liked the cheezy-red-pepper-y-ness, the scent reminded me of queso as did the taste, but it’s raw (well, until I toasted it), excellent! Actually, if you didn’t know, Averie is ‘high-raw, all vegan’ so the majority of her recipes are raw, so you could eat the nooch topping raw if you wanted to. 😉

Oh, and fyi, I cheated a bit on her recipe, I didn’t soak my cashews first (because I’m impatient), so I ended up adding about 1 1/2 Tbsp. of water to the recipe. Also, I massaged the kale in the nooch topping right on the parchment paper, then divided it up onto two pans of parchment paper… I didn’t want to loose any of that awesome nooch topping.

Pictures you ask? Why here ya go…

Before baking…
kale chips - before bake
kale chips - before bake - 2

After baking…
kale chips - after bake
kale chips - after bake - 2
kale chips - after bake - 3

So go check out Averie’s blog for the kale recipe and other great raw recipes, and then go to Katie’s blog and go mad checking out her recipes and posts, so that she can earn more money from Foodbuzz to give to The Enough Project!

Go do it now! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Kale Chips and Some Kindness…

  1. Thanks for the link backs and shout outs!

    Kale is def. an acquired taste. I personally think the nooch topping would make a piece of wood taste good 🙂 but yeah, if you dont like kale cooked, all bets are off. But you did say you like it raw. Also, I really think the oven method may be diff than the dehyd method, although Peas & Thank You made my recipe in the oven and she enjoyed so maybe we’re back to that acquired taste thing.

    Anyway, awesome job for trying and that nooch coating is great as a raw veggie dip, too!

    • Averie – I didn’t say I didn’t like the Kale chips… I do like them! REALLY! I like that they practically melt in your mouth, too! But they are different, that’s all I was saying. And some of my readers may want to know that hey, it might not be for them, and that’s ok. 🙂

      I think I must not be putting my thoughts to words very well lately b/c that’s the second time you’ve misunderstood me. 😦

      It’s all good! OK? 🙂

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