Produce Wednesday, New Food & Cruelty-Free Products Weekly Wrap-up

produce wednesday

Today’s organic bounty:

    ruby red grapefruit
    purple top turnips
    portobello mushrooms
    kiwi–> honey crisp apples
    honey crisp apples
    comice pears
    carrots with tops
    blue potatoes

I haven’t ever had turnips, that I know of, so they will be interesting. I’ve found a few soup recipes online I’m thinking about trying, I will probably also peruse my vast library for ideas. I substituted out the kiwi for more apples because, I’m allergic to kiwi. As with most people with food allergies, I actually like kiwi, but it doesn’t like me. 😦 The comice pears are new to us, so we are excited to try those. Blue potatoes! Awesome, I’ve had them as potato chips from the store, but I’ve never cooked with them myself, so I’ll have to try to come up with something fitting to their beauty. I love that the carrots came with their tops, I like to use carrot tops like I would use parsley.


New Food Weekly Wrap-up:

Did you try anything new this week?
Here’s what I tried this week…

Lara bars – Lemon Bar and Cashew Cookie

The Lemon Bar was AMAZING! At first it reminded me of these white powdered cookies I use to get as a kid. The white powder, presumably powdered sugar flavored with lemon, was sweet and sour at the same time, but then as I continued to eat the bar I was more reminded of a very lemony lemon cake. If you like lemon, you must try this bar!

Sadly, I don’t have such a raving review for the Cashew Cookie. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but “I’ve had better” (from Liar Liar, I love that movie!). You know, it would be great in a pinch, if you are feeling sluggish during the day and need some protein… sure pick up this bar, but if you have choices… I’d probably pick up just about any other flavor. There is beauty in it’s simplicity, it is only cashews and dates, but then you ask yourself, couldn’t I make that myself? So, I most likely will not be buying this flavor anytime soon, just because there are soooo many other flavors that rock my world from lara bar that I’d rather give my attention to… peanut butter cookie, cherry pie, banana nut bread, and coconut cream pie all come to mind. Chocolate Coconut? That’s one I need to keep my eye out for, that sounds like a winner. 🙂

cruelty-free (peta) leaping bunny (CCIC)

New Cruelty-Free Beauty and Cleaning Products

I have a few updates about some of the products I’ve been using and some new products I have replaced them with…

tomdeodorantFirst up, even though I really like that I don’t get white streaks all over my clothes and I can shave my armpits really close now without razor burn, I started to notice that I wasn’t feeling all that confident in my scent with the Kiss My Face liquid rock roll-on deodorant, so I decided to try out Tom’s of Maine roll-on deodorant about a week ago. I chose fragrance-free, and it is decidedly very lemony scented, which is OK with me, just a heads up that fragrance-free does not mean unscented. My ‘taste-tester’ says it reminds him of Fruit Loops, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Tom’s of Maine still has the things I liked about Kiss My Face, the white streaks do not happen and I am still able to shave without razor burn, which is awesome. I still have days where I’m not as confident of my scent but, I’m not sure it is enough of a bother to go back to conventional antiperspirants, plus I ask myself do I really want all those chemicals getting into and clogging my pores. Sweating is a natural thing. Plus, I’ve really liked not having razor burn in my armpits, that may be worth it all.

I’ve started using the Alba Botanica lotion more often, and I think I’m going to have to say that I like it far better than the Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value lotion I was using on my legs after shaving. It glides on much smoother and soaks in much faster, I don’t have to follow the ‘less is more’ mantra either. So just a bit of an update that I prefer the Alba Botanica lotion. I’ve been using the Alba lotion on my hands and elbows too, now that the dryer season is upon us.

naturesgateI picked up some Nature’s Gate (Herbal Daily Shampoo for All Hair Types) for my ‘taste-tester’. I decided after noticing the difference in the lotions and my own personal preference with the shampoo and conditioner that I’d get him something other than the Whole Foods Everyday Value shampoo and conditioner to try out. He is use to using a 2-in-1 conventional shampoo/conditioner. He does like the Nature’s Gate better than the Whole Foods brand, but both of us are a bit put off by the very strong scent of the Nature’s Gate conditioner. The shampoo isn’t too strongly scented, which unfortunately is the only one I smelled at the store, but the conditioner is strong scented. He definitely likes the shampoo better, but for the conditioner he will either continue to use the 365 or use my Nature’s Gate (Chamomile Replenishing Conditioner for Color-treated Hair). We will find a balance, I’m so happy that we are finding the cruelty-free products to be just as good if not better than the conventional ones. 🙂

I got this post out a bit late today, hope you had a great Wednesday!


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