Halloween & Day of the Dead…

jackFor my ‘taste-tester’ and me, this time of year is a time of reflection. The cooler weather and the changing of leaves are great catalysts for thinking about the past. In many cultures Halloween marks the day before All Saints Day, or Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is a time of remembering those who have passed on before us. Some cultures believe that those spirits are able to visit us on this day, which is why we dress up on the day before, Halloween or All Hallows Eve, to scare away the bad spirits.

ghostWhile we will still have fun being silly with the zombie movies and the zombie board game, feast on winter squashes and homemade caramel apples, we will most certainly be watching the Babylon 5 episode ‘Day of the Dead’… I wanted to take some time out to pay tribute to some of my furry friends that have passed on. These are just some of the faces I will be thinking of on Day of the Dead…

My SIL’s beautiful, curious, and intelligent girls… Story, Amy, Helena, and Lydia…

Story Story - 2

Amy Amy - 2

Helena Helena - 2

Lydia Lydia - 2

img_0088 img_0070

Our little boy ‘floofy’… We miss you!
floofy puppy floofy my other little boy - we miss you!

My kitty…
kitty kitty - hiding kitty - 2

My kitten…
kitten kitten play
kitten nerf kitten - hiding

I will also be thinking about my cockatiel, my taste-tester’s beta fish, my teddy-bear hamster, and my childhood dogs. I wish I had pictures that I could post, but alas, I do not. They are either too blurry to post or have gotten lost in our several moves. I’m sad that even though I could find blurry pictures of most of my furry friends, I was not able to find any pictures of my hamster or my taste-tester’s beta fish. 😕

I will probably be taking a break from blogging this weekend to spend some quality time with my ‘taste-tester’ and ‘little-bit’. Rest assured that if I make any delectable eats or have some interesting news, I will post about them as soon as I can.

Have a Happy Halloween! And if you celebrate Day of the Dead, know that I too will be thinking of my loved ones who have passed.


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