Operation Autumn Foliage…

This was taken several weeks ago when one or two trees took the plunge and just went for it long before the other trees, I found this one amusing…

I think the vines being red is really neat….

These chrysanthemums looked cool…

I think of Neapolitan ice cream when I see trees like these…

The sky was really neat this day…

The sun is setting, the trees gave off a really cool golden glow… hence the name ‘the golden hour’ for taking pictures…

I thought this tree lined street was beautiful…

All these pictures were taken with my phone! 🙂

On a slightly different note…
I listen to music a lot, in fact, I prefer music as my ‘white noise’ over the TV any day. That being said…

♫ ♪ Playing in the background while this post was being written was the musical sounds of… ♪ ♫

Keane (Hopes and Fears, Under the Iron Sea) and Snow Patrol (Final Straw), set to random.

Truth be told, I was a bit disappointed that no one responded to my musical questions in my previous post. 😦

Hope you are able to enjoy some leaf changing beauty…


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