Update… New Foods…

I forgot two more items that we tried this week… well actually my ‘taste-tester’ tried. I put these in his lunch because I didn’t have any leftovers…

Amy’s Organic Chili – Medium. My ‘taste-tester’ liked this, but asked if I could find one without tofu. He prefers not to have the ‘fake meat’ chili. Also he remembered having Amy’s Chili before, didn’t it have corn in it?

It’s been awhile since I’ve sent him off to work with canned food for lunch, in fact, I believe we lived in a different state then, so at least 4 years! I told him I’d look for one without tofu and with corn. 🙂 I found this…

Amy’s Organic Chili – Medium with Vegetables. He liked this one. Says he prefers this one, too. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Update… New Foods…

    • Mihl – It’s nice to have a few things in the pantry that I can just throw into a work lunch when I don’t have any leftovers because I was lazy the night before and ate out or we cleaned up all the leftovers. Ya know? I typically try to have leftovers available though.

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