Produce Wednesday, New Food & Cruelty-Free Products Weekly Wrap-up

produce wednesday

Today’s organic bounty:

    Baby Maroon Carrots–> Bananas
    Bartlett Pears
    Kiwi–> Bartlett Pears
    Cameo Apples
    Delicata Squash
    Red Potatoes
    Red Seedless grapes
    White Mushrooms
    Baby Maroon Carrots — ?

I made some changes to today’s delivery… I still have some carrots from last time, so I substituted more bananas. Yeah, bananas! Also, I’m allergic to kiwi, so I substituted more pears. My ‘taste-tester’ loves pears. What’s this? Oh, I think they made an oops, I got extra pears and bananas, but I also got carrots. Ok, no worries. πŸ™‚ I’ll probably send an email to the owner giving him a heads up and a thank you.

I’ve never had a delicata squash, so it’ll be a new food for us. Hey, nice segue!


New Food Weekly Wrap-up:

Did you try anything new this past week?
Here’s what I tried this past two weeks…

Now that I’m doing the produce delivery bi-weekly, I tend to forget what new foods we’ve tried over a two week period… I really should write this stuff down. So, let’s see what I remember…

In the past few days, I’ve tried two different Larabars, peanut butter cookie and ginger snap. I absolutely loved loved loved the peanut butter cookie! If you love peanuts and you love peanut butter cookies, you must try this! The ginger snap was very good, as well, it is a very autumn taste. Yummy cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

pasta dinner

pasta dinner

We tried Amy’s Organic Family Marinara Pasta Sauce when recently when I made pasta and put arugula in the sauce. The sauce reminded me of my youth, just really good marinara without the fancy pieces of vegetables in it. Very Good.

roasted kabocha

roasted kabocha

Kabocha Squash – Awesome when roasted!



I learned how to cut open a coconut…

baba ghanouj

baba ghanouj



I also tried my hand at making homemade baba ghanouj… and frying up falafel (I’m a fry-o-phobe πŸ˜‰ ).

We also tried out a new board game called, Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game… I totally lost, there. will. be. a grudge-match tonight! >: )

cruelty-free (peta) leaping bunny (CCIC)

New Cruelty-Free Beauty and Cleaning Products

I tried out a few new things these past two weeks…

*Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Haircolor – check out these posts (turquoise, bleachkit & blue/purple, touch-ups) where I take a chunk of my hair and color it blue with purple tips. I really liked this product, it was odorless (except for the bleaching kit) and very gentle on my hair. The hair that I colored and bleached and then colored again does not feel any different than the rest of my hair. Very nice. I will be continuing to use this product to play around with my hair.

*Alba Botanica – very emollient body lotion – maximum dry skin formula… I really like this lotion, and it smells really nice too. My hands are starting to show that the season is getting dryer, I put this lotion on my hands before I go to bed at night.

*Gabriel Color – Mascara… I accidentally dropped and broke my Urban Decay mascara, so instead of getting it again (both cost and non-vegan) I decided to ask at Whole Foods if any of their mascaras were vegan. My friend, who works there, hooked me up with this. I like it, it keeps my lashes soft, like there isn’t makeup on them, while giving me length and fullness. It’s a keeper.

* vegan, “do not use animal ingredients”, “no animal by-products”

In other news… our internet connection is still painfully slow. πŸ˜• Also, I think my little friend died, I checked on him yesterday and today, he hasn’t moved. 😦

Hope you are having a good Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Produce Wednesday, New Food & Cruelty-Free Products Weekly Wrap-up

  1. Those leeks look enormous! You’ll have to post about what you use them for, because I never know what to do with them. I love the gingersnap lara bar, but it’s harder to find where I live. This week I tried the lemon bar variety, and loved it! πŸ™‚ -Eve

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