Roasted Kabocha & Haircolor Update…

We’ve been experiencing some internet connection difficulties… so I have not been able to post or read blogs. 😕

We are up, but at a snails pace still… my ‘taste-tester’/network-monkey (*monkey is an affectionate term 😉 ) is thinking after days of frustration with the hardware & software that perhaps it’s a cable/wire… boy is he beyond frustrated. Hopefully, I can get out a post before he starts monkeying around with the hardware again. 🙂

So, *in the voice of an off-screen announcer* last time on ‘the auspicious squirrel’, nic was bleaching and coloring her hair blue and purple

The next day, after thinking a few things through, I decided to do a bit of touch-up. I partitioned off my chunk again and added more blue, because there were still some greenish spots, also I partitioned off some of my bangs that were still green and colored them with the black. I was going to color the under and back portion of my hair black as well, but my ‘taste-tester’ was completely wiped out from his late-late shift… I was going to get his help making sure my hair was somewhat straight, so I decided I’d do that later. Also, I had a haircut appt. on Saturday, so I figured I’d ask my stylist for some tips on how to color the back. That appt. happened this morning and I got some really good tips, I might have to implement them tomorrow. 🙂 My stylist, btw really liked my hair! I am so pleased, I was sure she was going to ask me if I was feeling ok. 😛

So, here’s my hair a few days later, after the touch-ups and after the salon shampoo washing… I could swear my blue was darker this morning before the salon shampoo… plus the lighting in my bathroom seems to be hit or miss and wonky. If it ever stops raining around here, I’ll have to get my ‘taste-tester’ to take a picture in natural light. But until then, these will have to do…



After touch-up

After touch-up

Now on to the food…

I found a really good way to roast kabocha from Heather Eats Almond Butter
kabocha - pre-roast

kabocha - pre-roast

It took a bit of strength to cut up the squash, but it was totally worth it to get the squash toasty-roasted. I really liked that I didn’t need to add any oil. I peeled off the skin after roasting.
roasted kabocha

I also made a squash soup with an acorn squash that I hope to write-up and post tomorrow… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Roasted Kabocha & Haircolor Update…

    • Heather – Thanks, I like the blue/purple too *grin* 🙂

      The roasted kabocha was AWESOME! It was thick and starchy and sweet like a sweet potato, sweet potatoes are one of my all time favorite foods. I’ve mistakenly taken the advice of roasting winter squash in a water-bath, and thought I didn’t really like winter squash, weird texture. But then recently I read in veganomicon to roast it cut side down WITHOUT water, oh yea, now we are getting somewhere. Then I came across your method… holy crap! that’s was definitely what I’ve been searching for! Thank you so much for posting that method. 🙂

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