Guess what came in the mail today?…

manic panic
*Manic Panic is not tested on animals.

My ‘taste-tester’ is working the late late shift tonight, so I am doing the coloring thing. First, I did a strand test on some hair with the bleach. I used today’s hair that I lose everyday from regular showering. Hope that doesn’t sound gross, because I really didn’t want to cut off a bit of hair. Anyway, I watched the bleach slowly turn my red locks to a pale blond over 90 minutes, I looked at it every 10 minutes. Then I washed out the bleach and then colored it with the blue and the purple, I rinsed out the color after 15 minutes, then reapplied the color because it was a bit light, and rinsed again after 15 more minutes.

So my strand test reveled:
90 minutes bleach
30 minutes color

You may remember that I tried to just apply the blue to my red hair and it came out green. While a very pretty green, indeed, not really a color that went well with my base color of red, IMO. Here’s the green (click on the picture to make it bigger):

green hair green hair

I’m an hour in to the bleaching process… ummm… what the hell am I doing? Breathe. My fall back plan is to just color the mistake black. Breathe. Holy Crap. I am so ‘all in’, it’s not even funny. My hair is blond AND a lighter green. Breathe. The end product is not going to be blond, remember? I’m starting to wish my ‘taste-tester’ was here. So he could help me… Pushing on.

I applied more bleach, and will wait the rest of the 25 minutes…

So back to my DIY haircolor post. So first and foremost, don’t color your hair green before trying to color it blue. Actually, I should probably have just waited-out the green, before moving on. But there’s no turning back now!

Here’s what I did. I partitioned off my chunk that I previously colored green, excluding the bangs that ended up in my first attempt. I’ll color that green to black, I don’t want to bleach my bangs. I used a little vaseline to protect the other strands of hair. I bleached the chunk of hair in two sections and used foil to protect the other hair. So here’s a little picture tour of where I am at this point (click on pictures to enlarge)…
partitioning off of chunk bleach applied - wrapped in foil

Ok… I went and checked on the bleaching process 8 minutes early… I decided it was enough… here’s a picture… scary… the photo doesn’t do it justice, but there are still bits of green…
bleached blond

I applied purple to the ends and blue up to my roots… then wrapped in plastic wrap, not folded this time… then rinsed…
blue and purple blue and purple in plastic wrap blue purple after rinse

Why purple you ask? I’ve been reading the Buffy comic books lately, I am a big fan of the tv series, and in one of the comics there is a new character, Melaka Fray, who has AWESOME hair (I’m still getting up the nerve to do a whole head of coloring). Here’s my inspiration…
melaka_fray melaka fray

You may recall that my bangs were still green and as it turns out the blue is a little light and where is that purple?
blow dried... showing green bangs

So I added some black to my bangs, some purple to the end of my chunk, and some black to the top of the chunk…
added black

But then I started to get worried… don’t. want. green. So after only 5-8 minutes I rinsed it all off… the rinse water was deep green… crap. Breathe. Ok, it’s not as bad as the rinse water led me to believe. It’s kinda cool. Not really Melaka Fray, but kinda mermaid tail. I was going to also dye the underneath of my hair in the back black, but I’ve had enough self-induced drama for one evening. The words, ‘what the hell am I doing?’ and the f-word made way too many appearances tonight. Luckily, I didn’t fry my hair or make it some ghastly color, IMO.

blue, green, purple... blue, green, purple...





The ‘after’ looks like more hair is colored, but it is the same chunk. I straightened my hair in the ‘before’ shot so it’s all neat and tidy and looks like less hair is colored.

Oh, and I am the same person who asked, “is it too red?” because it didn’t look natural to me at first… what can I say? I changed my mind and decided I wanted my hair to be weird. 😛


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