I have to admit that I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I attempted my first ever coconut cracking. I kept seeing these little coconuts at whole foods and was never sure how to open them. In the green smoothie revolution book there is a small how-to for coconut cracking. Ok, I think I can do that.

It’s a bit messy, and a bit scary. I used a heavy knife, and certainly not my favorite knife. I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to be able to crack it, and then there was a little opening in the top. It took some manipulating and ingenuity, but I got it to work.

It’s funny, I felt really proud when I got that little sucker open. A overwhelming, glowing since of accomplishment. Too bad the green smoothie turned out to be meh. But more on that later.

Here’s an excerpt from green smoothie revolution on how to open a coconut… click on the picture to make it bigger…
crack a coconut - 1 crack a coconut - 2

Here’s some pictures of the amazing coconut! πŸ˜‰

coconut - 1

coconut - 2

The coconut ‘meat’ was really soft and easy to remove with a spoon, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was not expecting it to be so easy. Here’s some of the coconut meat that came out in one big piece.
coconut meat - 3

Coconut shell… now empty.
coconut - 4

The smoothie was just supposed to be coconut water and meat, strawberries, banana, and arugula…
green smoothie - ingredients

The arugula was pretty strong, and the other ingredients rather weak. I added another banana, more strawberries, some maple syrup. Nope, still very arugula-y. Ok, orange juice. Nope. More orange juice, some blueberries, and some more maple syrup. What is it about some recipes, you know you’ve lost, but you still keep trying to tweak it? I give up. Meh.
green smoothie

Oh well, the coconut was a great accomplishment! πŸ™‚

I’m off to do some yoga, like I’ve promised myself. πŸ˜€ And then I plan to attack the produce, that has been patiently waiting for me to get well again, and make some good food. Hope to post something real soon. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Coconuts…

    • Averie – Curiosity mostly… but it didn’t taste like you’d think coconut would taste… kinda bland actually. Plus the arugula was so strong I couldn’t ‘hide’ the taste.

      Consistency wise, though, coconut ‘meat’ would probably make a good base for a pudding. I don’t think you could replicate that with shredded coconut.

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