I’m ‘all in’…

ArielThis past week of having to take it easy, not be able to read, or be in a lighted area without pain has made me appreciate the fact that I’ve been taking my ability to do things for granted. Now that I am finally over that massive headache, I am making some changes.

First up, I will be doing yoga more often, no more lame excuses… the fact that it hurt to even bend over while sick reminded me that I missed being able to exercise. I miss the ‘feel good’ feeling I have that stays with me all day after a yoga workout.

Also my hair, I’ve been wanting to be ‘weird’ for years, just too afraid to be different. What I realized while in pain for days, was that life is too short. I’m going to live! And that means to the fullest! So in honor of that, I have ordered the bleach and some other colors (after midnight blue, ultra violet, and raven) from Manic Panic… expect to see some posts soon of ‘weird’ hair. 😉 This is my version of ‘all in’… to bleach one’s hair is a commitment I’ve never been willing to take, until now. Sure, I color my hair, but the colors and products I’ve used are ‘safe’ and hardly risk taking.

These may seem like little, tiny, hardly worthy of mentioning changes… but I’ve been so caught up in ‘what I should do’ for so long that I forgot to be me. Sometimes, it really is the little things that make a difference.


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