Baba Ghanouj & Turquoise Hair…

baba ghanouj - ingredients

Thanks again to everyone for the get well wishes. 🙂 I, for one, am tired of being sick… so let’s just press on, shall we?

I made Baba Ghanouj the day before I got sick and have been wanting to post about it, but due to the headache I’ve been avoiding the reading/writing thing for a few days.

I had an eggplant and, as usual, wasn’t real sure what to do with it. I only started cooking with eggplants around the time I started this blog (back in June). So I went to my handy-dandy Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen cookbook because it is one of the few cookbooks that has lots of eggplant recipes in it. It has eighteen eggplant recipes! I found the baba ghanouj recipe (p.14) and thought, ‘hey, I like hummus and falafel and baba ghanouj!’… so here we go…

First up, I roasted the eggplant…
roasted eggplant

and then mixed it with tahini, lemon juice, garlic and spices in the food processor… and topped it with parsley and toasted whole cumin…
baba ghanouj

Then I fried up some falafel…

Chopped up some tomatoes, sliced cucumber, cleaned up some romaine… set out the spread…
the spread - cucumber, romaine, tomatoes, pita, hummus, baba ghanouj, and falafel

A few days later, we cleaned up the leftovers, I fried up the rest of the falafel, but I was craving sweet potato fries, so I baked them too. Hey, when you’ve been sick and not hungry, you listen to your cravings. I, unfortunately, didn’t really want the heavy stuff, I ate the cucumber, tomato, romaine and sweet potato fries, and gave my falafel to my ‘taste-tester’. But he really likes baba ghanouj, so he was a happy eater.
assembled with sweet potato fries on the side

So, that’s the food… yesterday… I decided to give myself that blue streak. 🙂 Manic Panic doesn’t have a strong smell, so I knew it wouldn’t exasperate my headache, and you know it was day 4 of the headache and I was tired of just laying around the house. So I colored my hair… ummm… Haha! So I decided not to bleach the spot first, because the product itself is a semi-permanent color, meaning it’ll wash out and then I have this blonde streak? Plus that’s ‘going all in’ to bleach the streak. I wanted to know how the product worked and how long it lasted, so I just colored over my red. Apparently blue+red=turquoise! I think I’m going to re-apply the blue and see if I can get it bluer, otherwise I’m left with 3 options… leave it and be proud that I was willing to take a chance… bleach it and then blue it…. or hide it by covering it up with a black… I haven’t decided yet.

Check out my turquoise streak! 🙂 You can click on the picture to make it bigger. Yesterday I chose to wear the little turquoise chunk in a small braid to try to cover it up a bit…
that's not blue, it's turquoise! - 1 that's not blue, it's turquoise! - 5
that's not blue, it's turquoise! - 2 that's not blue, it's turquoise! - 3 that's not blue, it's turquoise! - 4

What have you done that didn’t quite work out, but still made you happy that you tried it? I want to know! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Baba Ghanouj & Turquoise Hair…

  1. Ok the hair really works…you can rock it out, don’t mess with it, it looks great! not to mention, you dont wanna have your hair fry off…I did that with bleach in my early 20s ALL OVER MY HEAD. For 18 mos I had horrible hair, it wasnt a streak or a strand, it was a chemical haircut all over. I just want you to protect that length you’ve got and cherish it and not get bleach happy like I did.


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