Spinach and Potato Soup…

bouillabaisse of spinach, potato, and chickpeas - ingredients

The soup is actually called Bouillabaisse of Spinach, Potatoes, Chickpeas and Saffron, from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein (p.50). Apparently bouillabaisse means ‘boiling hard without stopping’, but if you look up the word in Google you’d get a bunch of hits for fish soups. I was never much of a fish eater in my pre-vegetarian days, so I cannot tell you if this bouillabaisse tastes close to something you’d get in France. Although, what I can tell you is a soup full of spinach, potatoes, and chickpeas is a really good soup!

The ingredients call for saffron OR curry powder… I made the soup with saffron, but then I thought, ‘I think I’ll like this more with curry’. So I gave my ‘taste-tester’ a small portion of the soup made with saffron… then I gave him another portion with some added curry power… He also liked it better with curry powder. So I added curry powder to the pot of soup. I put salt, pepper, and curry powder on the table and we added more of each to our bowls. I don’t know if so much curry powder was needed to counteract the saffron or not, so just be advised that if you choose curry powder, we used more than what is suggested on the ingredients list.

bouillabaisse of spinach, potato, and chickpeas

Bouillabaisse of Spinach, Potatoes, Chickpeas and Saffron – Rating: Very Good.


2 thoughts on “Spinach and Potato Soup…

  1. You’re the second person who’s mentioned this book in the past 24 hrs to me (The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen)….I think I need to check it out b/c the recipes look great!

    As for your wrist issues in yoga…without having tons more backstory it is really hard for me to suggest something. Other than to start really slow, take it easy, and if it hurts, you are so correct in backing off. I would actually get it looked at if it’s bothering you to the point you cant hold chaturanga or plank without lots of pain. Not normal sweetie, sorry to say. 😦

    • Averie – I really like the Med. Vegan Kitchen book… I’ve made several dishes and then blogged about them… check out my library page for links to the posts… I’m going to post about the baba ghanouj I made recently that I got from this book soon.

      The wrist thing is an ongoing thing… like I said, I think it has EVERYTHING to do with lots of data entry at my last job only exasperated by the retractable leashes with two 70lb dogs (one on each hand). I try to listen to my body and back off when needed. Sometimes if I know that there is going to be a lot of floor work I will wear wrist braces (also can be used for tennis elbow further up the arm), and that seems to help. Typing while blogging or writing a computer program is different than data entry because you pause more and because both of those items don’t have a deadline for me so there isn’t the added stress. I’d say I am borderline carpal-tunnel-syndrome symptomatic, so I was just wondering if things like wrist rotation and Anjali Mudra ~ Prayer Mudra and stuff like that or anything else you could suggest would help make the wrists more supple and less tight. Thanks. 🙂

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