Lettuce Wraps – Replay…

taco salad

I just finished a spectacular lunch… took a picture… thought I’d remind you of those awesome lettuce wraps which I made a taco salad out of the leftovers. That’s a tall glass of water, because I knew that it was going to be a bit spicy. I also had some blue corn chips on the side.
Here’s the rundown…

Thanks again, Sara, for a great idea! πŸ™‚

Today will be a short post because I’m behind on the maintenance portion of my blog, you know, keeping the recipe page and products I use page up to date. I usually try to update when I post because it is easier than going back and trying to find everything, but sometimes I get busy. I know that when I go to other blogs, I’m grateful when they have an up-to-date recipe or whatever page, ya know? So, I’m still here, just behind the curtain. πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Lettuce Wraps – Replay…

  1. oooh the taco salad looks awesome! And I love it when pics just POP off the page like yours does.

    Ok your homemade applesauce looks awesome…but. But my quick n dirty method is apples in vitamix, add cinnamon, dash of agave, blend. 20 secs later, applesauce. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of times I fed my baby girl this way and never had to buy Gerber applesauce. And of course, the leftovers were pretty tastey for me too. I know you get a totally diff feel if it’s been cooked on the stove, but I know you’re new to your vitamix and just wanted to point that out to you as a time saver possibly πŸ™‚

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