The day after…

Arrr! *ah-hem*… I mean, Hey! How was your holiday? I had a lot of fun creating that last post. I didn’t really talk like a pirate except to my ‘taste-tester’. 😉 But I did have a really good and interesting day.

First, I took all my conventional products that were not open (I had the receipts) back to the store… I got back ~$36 (for 7 items)… the clerk asked, “is there anything wrong with these items?”… I said, “I decided to go cruelty-free”. :)… clerk, “oh”… I left feeling really good about my decisions.

My next stop was a grocery store to pick up a few ‘main stream’ things, while in line for the self-checkout… I happened to notice a little bug on a guy’s shirt in front of me… “you have a bug on your shirt”… “I do?”… “yeah, hang on”… so I gently tried to remove the bug by getting it to crawl on my fingernail, it slipped and fell to the ground… the guy turns around and we both look down… the little bug is upside-down… so I bend down and touch it to turn it right-side-up… then I ask the guy’s little boy, “do you like bugs?”… the little boy nods yes, shyly… “what do you think it is?”… boy, “a spider”… dad says, “it’s not a spider, spiders have eight legs, he has six legs”… I say, “yes, he has six legs” and I continue to look at the little bug… I smiled to myself the rest of the day, like I had a secret joke… I think I totally freaked that guy out! Firstly, I didn’t totally girl-out on him and flick the bug off and then stomp on it… instead I gently removed it and then continued to look at it with interest. I think he really wanted to step on it, but decided that wouldn’t have gone over well… I giggled to myself all day. Maybe I passed along a little compassion yesterday? I usually don’t kill bugs anyway, except mosquitoes and gnats, and only if they are biting me. (If they are in my home, I usually try to pick them up with paper or something and set them outside.) But I usually don’t touch them either, I’m no entomologist, I had no idea if that bug would have hurt me. Just a gut feeling… I think it was a beetle of some sort. I’ve been trying to look the little bug up on google, it had six long legs, antenna, a yellow shell with small black spots… it wasn’t a yellow ladybug, it was more oval and more leggy… perhaps a cucumber beetle, but I though the spots were smaller… anyway… if I hadn’t been in line with my hands full, I would have gotten a sheet of paper or something and stuck the bug outside, but unfortunately I didn’t… I hope he didn’t get stepped on.

My next stop was Whole Foods, I picked up some pirate’s booty… I had to, it was talk like a pirate day, remember? pirate's booty - veggieI’ve seen these snacks before, but I didn’t pick them up because, well, I guess because you couldn’t see what you were getting… so I took pictures! They have lots of green veggies in them… spinach, kale, carrots, parsley… in powdered form to season puffed rice and corn… it kind of reminded me of white cheddar cheetos. I liked them! Perfect snack fer this here sea dog, Arrr! Ya lily livered scurvy cur! *ah-hem*… it’s no longer talk like a pirate day…

I was starting to get a little hungry, so I also picked up a larabar that I hadn’t tried yet, apple pie,… mmmm, very good!

I think it was a day of trying new things, because I tried 3 other products too…

For the spaghetti I made in honor of the flying spaghetti monster, (the holiday, remember?) I tried a red sauce, Paesana – Sicilian Gravy, it was really good. I served the spaghetti with a spinach salad (spinach, pecans, dried cranberries, and blueberry vinaigrette), and homemade bread. I plan to write a post on that bread soon. Then I made a garlic-butter dip for the bread, a la papa johns, by taking some earth balance and melting it with some garlic powder… yummy.

I’ve been hearing a lot of fuss about green juice, I’ve been wanting to try some, so short of getting a juicer, I thought I’d pick up an already prepared one… R.W. Knudsen – Simply Nutritious – Mega Green – this is a juice that would be great to serve at a Halloween party… it’s green, but it is also delicious! It’s made with apple juice, peach puree, pineapple juice, banana and mango purees, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, broccoli and spinach. You can really taste the peach with hints of pineapple, but none of the green stuff… I really like this juice… is there a juicer in my future? 😉

A week or two ago, I picked up some chips that we thought would be totally cool to get out for the Halloween season. We like autumn and Halloween, and make it a season of celebration, by watching a selection of movies that include Young Frankenstein, Zombie Movies (Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead – 2004, etc), Tim Burton Movies, and anything else that feels Halloween-y, like Ninth Gate, From Hell, The Alien Quadrilogy… but not overly scary movies, more campy movies or action movies… we don’t really go for horror movies like Friday the 13th, Halloween, or The Ring… What movies do you watch around Halloween?terra exotic chipsso I picked up some chips that the coloring of the chips look Halloween-y, and they taste great too, Terra – Exotic Harvest, Sweet Onion. They are made with kabocha, carrots, and blue potatoes… I really liked these, I picked these up because the kabocha looks really cool and because I wanted to try kabocha because Katie mentions the squash a lot. They had just a hint of sweet and went really well with the carrots, blue potatoes and the onion seasoning. Kind of reminded me of sour cream and onion chips.

So, I had a fun holiday, and I tried out some really good new foods. 🙂 How was your holiday?


6 thoughts on “The day after…

  1. I missed Pirate Day too…darn 🙂 Anyway girl, thanks for the nice comment today on my blog and the comparison to Gena, what Gena or I am going to make now that the weather is turning cooler, throwing me in her camp was soooo awesome. What a compliment, thank you! I am gonna try my hand at some dehydrated “roasted” veggies, or just screw the raw and roast ’em anyway LOL, and also maybe make some pumpkin and/or carrot cake type of sweet eats…hmmm, gotta get the creative juices goin…it’s still so dang hot here, like 100F. Not a fall mood per se LOL

    • Averie – Yeah, I forget you are in the desert, ;)… it’s been in the mid 70’s up here, so I’m totally in the mood for soups and winter squashes… you make really beautiful food, and are so creative! I like that both you and Gena don’t get so caught up on the 100% raw… I noticed on her blog today that she roasted carrots… what a neat idea!

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