The Quest For Cruelty-Free & Vegan Beauty Products Continues…

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I am currently on a quest to switch out my beauty products for cruelty-free ones, preferably vegan ones…

So I went to Whole Foods, because I have a friend who works in the beauty products isle, and she said that the employees are encouraged to try out all the products… so who better to ask, right? I didn’t see my friend, but the person working there was friendly, and incredibly helpful. πŸ™‚ So I told her, I was looking to swap out my stuff for cruelty-free, preferably vegan. She told me that everything at whole foods is cruelty-free (not tested on animals)… awesome! So it was a matter of just checking the labels for “no animal by-products”. πŸ™‚

cruelty-free & vegan beauty products
Here’s some of what she suggested… I will let you know what I think as I test each product out.

  • 365 Everyday Value (Whole Foods Brand) – I picked up shampoo (fragrance free) for my ‘taste-tester’ and some body lotion (fragrance free) for me… really affordable, these bottles were $2.99 ea.
  • Aloe 80 Organics – Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream — face lotion, I told her I use oil of olay and wanted a thin moisturizer that wouldn’t feel greasy, she suggested this, and also let me try it out on my hand. My hand feels smooth and not greasy.
  • Kiss My Face – Clean for a Day – creamy face cleanser, a little pricy, but she seem really excited about this one. I don’t think she was pushing it because of the price either, because she was really happy and excited about the affordability of the 365 Whole Foods line as well.
  • Giovanni – anti-frizz serum and styling gel
  • Kiss My Face Liquid Rock – deoderant (fragrance free)… she informed me that it is NOT anti-persperant, just deoderant…
  • Jason – Satin Shower Body Wash – Camomile scent

I’m excited… I’ll let you know what I think. Oh, in case you are wondering why I am trying out so many at once… I have about $40 worth of ‘cruel’ products that I have not opened (I like to have extras on hand so that I don’t have to run to the store when I’m running low) and have the receipts for… if I find cruelty-free products to replace them, I am so returning those things! πŸ˜›

Has anyone tried Naturtint (hair color)? If so, what’d you think?

Oh, and to continue my German-esque food eating… while I was at Whole Foods, I picked up a big pretzel from the bakery and ate it with spicy mustard… yum. The bakery does not normally have big pretzels so I think it’s for Oktoberfest.
big pretzel and mustard

My next post, I will explore a different cuisine, I’m going to be revisiting a Mediterranean dish involving eggplant. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “The Quest For Cruelty-Free & Vegan Beauty Products Continues…

  1. Wow, if the 365 brand is a nice product, that seems like a really budget friendly choice! I love Kiss My Face products – especially their lotions – they all smell sooo good! I’ve heard super crummy things about deodorant rocks, so I would love to hear what you think of it. I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine deodorant for a while now, but I just discovered that the Jason brand seems to be more gentle AND has a much more pleasant ‘unscented’ smell. I’m definitely looking forward to reading about your product reviews – natural care products can certainly be a bit hit or miss! -Eve

    • I will definitely give a review of the products, I want to get a feel for them over the week, so it’ll probably be mentioned on my ‘Produce Wednesday’ post or a bit later… I thought about picking up the Tom’s of Maine deodorant (because I like the toothpaste and mouthwash), but thought I’d give the ‘liquid rock’ one a try after the sales person made such an emphasis with the antiperspirant comment. A few years ago, I started to embark on this journey of going cruelty-free, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start or who to ask… I tried the kiss my face shampoo and conditioner in a lime scent, my hair was so squeaky clean that I could barely get a comb through it… unfortunately I didn’t have the resources or the courage to ask the sales staff back then to continue the journey with beauty products. After meeting (and befriending) a person who works in the beauty-product isle at Whole Foods (I met her at the dog park πŸ™‚ ), I learned that they get to try out the products, actually go to ‘classes’ with the distributors to get the background info on the products, etc… that I decided to put away my shyness and just ask already!

      I totally fell in *love* with Method’s cleaning products though, so all was not lost, I just took a different fork in the road on my path to cruelty-free. πŸ˜›

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  4. Ok holistic beauty products are something Ive spent 5 years trying to enjoy but usually, don’t. Burt’s Bees is ok, but they were bought by Clorox? I think and they arent so green anymore. The other products either dont work or are really $. Things I love…GioVanni’s Weightless Moisture Direct Leave-In conditioner. It rocks and it’s 8 bucks for a hugggge container that lasts 6 mos. Works better than any mainstream product and it’s organic.

    I just picked up a face cleanser from TJs that’s vegan that was 5.99 with tea tree oil but havent used it yet. Will let u know.

    Would love to find a face wash that’s reasonable and doesnt break me out or dry me out.

    And a body wash that’s not 7.99 for 4 oz which is about 2 showers for me πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I read that Burt’s Bees was bought by Clorox too, but supposedly they are still doing cruelty-free and have the leaping bunny logo (According to this site). I like Burt’s Bees, but I am also trying to find vegan if possible, so bees wax doesn’t fit that bill.

      I’m writing up the review of my shopping spree, it’s a long one… so stay tuned for my review of the products mentioned on this post and the previous post. πŸ™‚

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