Produce Wednesday & New Food Weekly Wrap-up

produce wednesday

Today’s organic bounty:

    watermelon PA
    red seedless grapes CA
    nectarines CA
    plums CA
    bananas SA
    sweet corn PA
    fingerling potatoes PA
    yellow squash PA
    boston lettuce NY
    portabello mushrooms PA
    grape tomatoes PA –> purple peppers
    purple peppers PA

As you may know by now, I don’t care for cherry/grape tomatoes so I substituted more purple peppers. Also, last week I emailed the owner of the produce delivery letting him know that the corn was less than stellar which was a disappointment considering the corn I received on Aug. 12 and then roasted. I was just letting him know, not wanting compensation, just a fyi kind of email. He emailed back an apology saying that something extra would be put in my next order… so I received an extra head of boston lettuce! Wow, what a great company! 🙂 This box is supposed to be full of stuff to grill for Labor Day, so I’ll have to make sure I get out my grill pan and make some grilled veggies this week! 🙂 I already have a good idea what I’m going to do with those peppers and fingerling potatoes… dijon mustard roasted veggies, anyone?

I know there are those out there who would love for it to be “Always Summer”. I might have agreed back when I was in school, summer was time off. But I’ve never really been into the sweating that summer brings. My favorite season is Autumn… I love the cool breeze, the ability to open up the house, and the beautiful colors of the turning leaves. I also love tucking into warm, comforting soups… I am looking forward to autumn. The last few days we’ve had a taste of autumn-like weather and I’ve been loving every second of it! 🙂 But I think that this box will lend itself quite nicely to a week of grilled veggies, salads, and watermelon… so I will celebrate Labor Day as a “Yea! Autumn is coming!” rather than summer is ending.


New Food Weekly Wrap-up:

Did you try anything new this past week?
Here’s what I tried this week… or plan to try…

Annie’s Naturals – Spicy Ginger Marinade – TBA
Annie’s Naturals – Baja Lime Marinade – TBA
Imagine – Creamy Portobello Mushroom Soup – TBA


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