Cooking Day…

Just a quick post to get your taste buds watering…

Tomorrow is my delivery day for local organic produce, so I took a look at my stash to decide what I have and if I need more, I have to decide by 8pm tonight if I would like more.

I grew up meat, potatoes, and canned veggies so I’m still trying to find a balance eating seasonally. Even though I’ve been a vegetarian for more than a decade, I did not eat seasonally. This has been an exciting journey, although stressful at times, trying to consume all the great produce I receive each week.

Here’s what I have that (I just chopped and sliced) I want to prepare into a dish or at least have in a form that is more conducive for ‘grab and eat’.
cooking day
I think I will let the green beans, and squash talk for themselves by simply steaming them. The tomatoes I was thinking about trying a recipe from Sara at innocent primate. The plums I think will find themselves in a cake by Mihl at seitan is my motor. The bananas might get peeled and placed in the freezer for a future cake or smoothie. The peppers will probably make their way topped on a baked russet potato with onions, garlic, black beans and chili powder. The sweet potatoes will be baked… and the watermelon and cucumbers eaten as is… I’d better get to work! 🙂

I don’t usually do this but, I came across this blog yesterday, and I thought this was a nice post… growing up I was constantly told to clean my plate, now I struggle to listen to my body and not overeat… this post says that and more, with humor. 🙂

That site is not vegan, not even vegetarian, but the author says she’s trying to eat healthier, and really that’s all we can do. Every body is different. Every journey to healthy is different. Hopefully we will all find our path and become all that we can.

Have a great day!


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