What Should I Call It, Besides, Awesome?

gir_saw_a_squirrelOne of my favorite ‘fast foods’ before I went vegan was to purchase a really good cheese pizza from the frozen section (Freschetta)… I would buy one of each… the 4-cheese thick crust with green specks of herbs, and a thin crust 5-cheese. The thick crust one would be topped with the can of pineapple chunks I would put in my basket next. The herbs, and zesty red sauce really worked with the warm pineapple. The thin crust pizza would be topped with an olive tapenade/muffaletta type thing that I’d make with green olives, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, pickled bell peppers, and mild banana pepper rings. It was a great combination of salty, sweet, and spicy.

The only pizzas I’ve had, that tasted good, since becoming a vegan have been a couple of frozen ones; Amy’s and Kashi’s, and one fresh-out-of-the-oven one at a local pizzeria, it was intentionally cheese-less. I attempted to make one myself early on in my vegan transition, and was greatly disappointed, I guess I put too much sauce on it, because the sauce got thick and pasty… not very tasty.

Why am I telling you this??? Well, I was craving that pineapple pizza… but I didn’t want to get that tomato paste yuk like the last time I attempted a home-made cheese-less pizza. I got a better idea…

Enter the currently nameless deliciousness that I had for dinner. I recently had olive oil dough in my dough bucket, I made an olive loaf twice and was very pleased.olive loaf I needed to make another batch of dough for the week and decided to make olive oil dough again, but this time I’d make one of the loaves a pineapple loaf! Great idea!

So, I mixed up the dough, let it rise for 2 hours (see the process in pictures) [keep in mind that if you already have dough in your bucket this will take less time… it was still fast food to me, because I let it rise while I was at the grocery store πŸ™‚ ] and once it was ready to work with I grabbed a handful of dough, rolled it out like a pizza, but not really caring about making it pretty or round… but also making sure I didn’t roll-out all the air… spread an ample amount of crushed pineapple (drained) all over…
pineapple loafthen rolled up the dough into a giant cigar like shape… I pinched the seam together… dusted it with flour… and then cut several slits into the dough… I transferred it onto a pizza stone in a 450°F oven for 35 minutes… and voilΓ … my currently nameless deliciousness. πŸ˜€

I paired it with pasta sauce for dipping, like I do for calzones (I used Amy’s) and a spinach salad (spinach, cranberries, pecans, blueberry vinaigrette). Perfection. πŸ˜€

pineapple loaf with red sauce

spinach salad

For now, I guess I’ll call it pineapple loaf, but that really doesn’t do it justice… any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “What Should I Call It, Besides, Awesome?

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