Random Musings…


I recently tweaked my dominate hand, the middle finger knuckle that is part of your palm… (the metacarpophalangeal joint of the second finger) I think I did it opening a jar. My dominate hand happens to be my right hand, and to be honest, before I met my ‘taste-tester’ 17 years ago, I didn’t give a second thought to that ‘other appendage’ on the left. But my ‘taste-tester’ is a lefty and I soon started trying to use my left hand for more tasks. I keep accidentally using my dominate hand… ouch, oh yeah, don’t open the jar with that hand… ouch, oh yeah, don’t carry the groceries with that hand… and so on. Have you ever noticed how whenever you hurt something, you seem to be using it all the time?

As a self-proclaimed chef, I like to cook, so I cook often… I find it hard not use my dominate hand while cooking, have you ever tried to cut veggies with your less dominate hand? I’m a little scared to. 😕

I liken it to being a surgeon, hands need to be protected. Do you remember when the chief surgeon hurt his hands on St. Elsewhere? I do, it resonated with me. Once long ago, I thought I wanted to be a surgeon. So I propose ‘Using Your Less-Dominate Hand Much More Often Week’. I really should, so that my hand can heal already. Who’s in?


The other thing on my mind is, what to do with items in the pantry you no longer are willing to eat? I switched from being an ovo-lacto vegetarian to a vegan December 2008, you may recall that there are still 6 items in my pantry that are not vegan. Since that post, I’ve been plagued with what to do with those items. What are those items you ask?

  • egg noodles – open container, made with eggs
  • spaetzle – German egg noodles – open container, made with eggs
  • Italian style bread crumbs – open container, ingredient = cheese
  • graham cracker crumbs – open container, ingredient = honey?… not sure
  • bisquick – open container, ingredient = milk?… not sure … turns out, it’s ok see site🙂
  • lemon poppy seed mix – UN-OPENED container, ingredient = sour cream

My main problem is that I don’t want my body to be a filter… I do not want to put something in my body that I know will make me feel bad, both physically and mentally. My other problem is that it feels wasteful to just toss these items. I don’t mean monetarily, I mean wasteful, you know?

I’ve discussed these six, now five items with my taste-tester… he’s willing to eat the spaetzle… since it’ll be the last time he’ll ever eat it, as a last hurrah. Ok, so for Oktoberfest I’ll fix that and then make a bunch of vegan things to go with it.

The lemon-poppy-seed mix is a bit easier, either I use it as a practice for egg-less baking with boxed mixes and give some to friends, or just give the un-opened box to friends… I can see that working.

Now we are down to open containers of egg noodles, bread crumbs, and graham cracker crumbs… I have a hard time giving things to people that I myself do not advocate eating… But I also know that not everyone has my opinion on what one should eat… Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Random Musings…

  1. “But I also know that not everyone has my opinion on what one should eat…” I think you have your answer right there. If I e. g. bought non-vegan foods by accident I give them to people who don’t intent to go vegan. I know I can’t change them.
    Or you could donate the food.

    • You are right, of course, I think I am over thinking it all. The food is open, so I doubt I could donate the food to a charity… I tried to donate an opened boardgame a few years ago to goodwill, they wouldn’t take it, “what?” “sorry, can’t take open games, only new ones.” Crazy.

      I do have a few friends who might take the food, being open food containers drops the likelihood though.

      Thanks for your advice 🙂

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