Lentil Soup…

Moroccan Harira

Even though it is blisteringly hot outside, I still crave soup. I came across this lentil soup recipe recently and am glad I tried it… It is a Moroccan lentil soup, so the spice combinations are different from any other lentil soup I’ve had. I especially liked the combination of lentils with chickpeas. It was delicious…

Moroccan Harira - ingredients

Moroccan Harira
from Vegetarian Times

Rating: Very Good, Delicious

    I used whole wheat spaghetti noodles instead of vermicelli, so I cooked about 4oz of spaghetti in salted water 2-3 minutes under the package directions, drained the noodles then added them to the soup to cook the rest of the way through. I also broke the noodles in half so that slurping up the soup would be a bit easier. 🙂

    The directions do not say when to remove the cinnamon stick, so I took it out before adding the Tadouira.

    For a bit of background on Harira, I went to wikipedia

    “Harira is the traditional soup of Morocco. It is usually eaten during dinner in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to break the fasting day. It is considered as a meal in itself. It is also served to relatives and friends after a special celebration, such as the morning after a wedding night, and its recipe varies then slightly from the harira eaten during Ramadan. Of course, it could be prepared any time, however, some families prefer to stick to tradition and serve it on special occasions.”

Moroccan Harira

Because it is so blisteringly hot outside, here’s a tease for an upcoming post… 😀

tease post


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