Take my word for it…

So I’m still playing around with my cell phone camera, apparently I need more practice… grrr. What happened to those lovely pictures I was taking the beginning of the summer?

I woke up before the sun this morning, really, I left the house just as ‘civil twilight’ was beginning. I got to my turn-around point right around sunrise, the supposed ‘golden hour’ for picture taking. 🙂 Unfortunately, it seemed like all my picture subjects were still in bed. 😐

But then… I saw the mama duck (from yesterday) and her ducklings entering the water! Yea! Grab camera… hold it steady… don’t get mad, mama duck… three pictures should do it, hopefully one will be clear… hehe… DUCKLINGS!

duck and ducklings

That was the best of the three. 😐 Better luck tomorrow?

On my way back, I spotted a squirrel! He ran up the tree, so I aimed my camera up, he stopped (“don’t see me, don’t see me”)… I took two pictures, lowered my camera, he looked at me… I raised my camera again, he looked away, but stayed put, so I took another picture. He was so cute, and he posed! But grrrrrr, this is the best of the three…

Take my word for it, he’s in there. Better luck tomorrow?

I’m this close to taking my real camera on my walks. Grrrr.

tease post

Tease for the next post…


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