Morning Walk, Pantry Raid Week Wrap-up, and Other Musings

My morning walks, which I have been absent from for far too long, are hopefully going to resume starting today. Today, I spotted a squirrel early on, I took a picture and went on my way… strangely the geese at my half-way point seemed to be missing. I had almost gotten to my turn-around point when I spotted about 5 geese (far fewer than usual) hanging out in the water. I was just about to take a picture when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. An adult duck crossing the sidewalk with ducklings… DUCKLINGS! I guess ducks hatch at a different time than geese, because these little guys aren’t very old and the fuzzyheads (gosslings) are harder to distinguish from the adults now. So I, of course, took pictures. πŸ™‚

duck and ducklings

duck and ducklings

duck and ducklings

This brings me to the musing part of my post… I discovered that I have the function ‘burst’ on my cell phone camera as well (I mentioned when I found this on my Cyber-shot here), which is great because I don’t have a very steady hand. Well it turns out, it is not really what I wanted. See, in order to take those 4 pictures quickly something has to be sacrificed… physical size being one of them. So when I got home, I couldn’t really zoom in on those cute little ducklings without the picture getting all blocky. 😐 The picture of the squirrel, don’t even get me started… I couldn’t even find the little guy, and I knew where to look. So in the future I will just have to try to have a steadier hand because not being able to zoom in, well, sucks.

On the flip-side, when I take pictures up close and personal, the burst function is pretty cool because, I can get nice candid shots like these…

little bit

little bit

Here’s the burst of the first one…
little bit little bit - burst 2 little bit - burst 3 little bit - burst 4

Anyway, just something I’ve learned today… Little-bit says quit showing embarrassing pictures of him and get back to the food!


Pantry Raid Week Wrap-up

So last week I had a pantry raid, see explanation here, I think I did pretty good. Not as well as I had hoped, but since my taste-tester wasn’t feeling well, there was only so much I could eat on my own. Here’s what I made…

New Food Worthy

Good thing I had it on hand…

What’s with the robot and the squirrels?

If you don’t recognize my little avatar, it’s from a cartoon called ‘Invader Zim’. The robot’s name is Gir, “Me and the squirrel are friends!” Any ‘Invader Zim’ fans out there?


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