Produce Wednesday… & New Foods Challenge

produce wednesday

Today’s Bounty:

    Red Potatoes PA
    Cucumbers PA
    Zucchini PA
    Eggplant PA
    Portabello Mushrooms PA
    Onions, bunched PA
    Romaine Lettuce CA
    Blueberries NJ
    Peaches SC
    Nectarines CA
    White Seedless Grapes CA
    Bananas SA

*special order

A few new things to me:
bunched onions ** bunched onions… they appear to be white onions with the stems still on, resembling green onions. They are possibly spring onions, see this site, regardless of what they are called, I plan to use both the stems and the bulb when cooking.

** portabella mushrooms… I’ve had them in restaurants and I’ve prepared small mushrooms, but this will be the first time I’ve prepared big mushrooms.

On my last ‘produce wednesday’, I offered up a challenge to try something new. So did you try something new this past week? I skipped getting produce delivered last week, hence the lack of ‘produce wednesday’ on July 8, but I still managed to try something new for the week… Coconut Bliss – Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge coconut ice cream. It is very good, if you like the So Delicious Purely Decadent coconut ice cream you’ll like this too! 🙂

I’d also like to say that the Irish Oatmeal was good, very similar to old fashioned oats except cooked in less time. Also the chocolate peanut butter has grown on me, I used it in cookies, and I spread it over pumpernickel bread – to my delight, it was exactly what I needed. 😉

squirrelWhat foods did you try last week, what foods will you try this week?


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