Produce Wednesday… new foods challenge

produce wednesday
Today’s bounty:

    blueberries NJ
    mushrooms PA
    eggplant GA
    zucchini PA
    cucumbers PA
    red seeldess grapes
    romaine VA
    dandelion greens PA
    bunched beets PA

I get the small organic box and the grocer also is dedicated to helping “… grow, support and encourage sustainable local agriculture”. And as you can see, several of the items did come from local farms. 🙂

My challenge this week… dandelion greens. (Here’s a nice article about the benefits of dandelion greens. Also check out the info on wikipedia.)

As a side note, I seem to have a ‘new foods challenge’ of my own nearly every week, cool!

I don’t have any prizes to give, but I do agree with Katie (a.k.a. CCV) over at Chocolate-Covered-Katie, we should seek out and try new stuff regularly. Who knows what delights we will find!

Hopefully it doesn’t seem like I’m stalking CCV, but being a new vegan, (and also loving chocolate) I’m interested in what a seasoned vegan has been eating. So I’ve also tried some new foods that are not from the produce section… (Thanks CCV!)

    cream of kamutKamut Flakes – using CCV’s blended-grain technique I made a really good breakfast that rivals my love of cream of wheat! I called it Cream of Kamut… a future post? maybe 😉
    PB & Co – Dark Chocolate Dreams – good, would have liked more chocolate though 😉
    LaraBar Jocalat – Chocolate Cherry – I’m not a big ‘power bar’ person, but this is definitely something to grab when I’m hungry & in a hurry, much better than fast food!
    Amy’s Bistro Burgers – Nice! I’m a big garden burger fan, but these will definitely join my ‘freezer pantry’!
    Irish-style Oats – TBA – will probably try this weekend.
    Zico coconut water – refreshing, I put it in a fruity smoothie after my morning walk.

Now I am capable of finding new things on my own! Really I am! Here’s some of my own finds…

So, check out the isles, the freezer section, the deli section, even the bread section… see if you can find something new, add it to your cart… you never know, it might become a favorite!


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