Squirrels, Squirrels, and MORE Squirrels!

I got up a bit late today, so I was surprised to see so many squirrels. I usually see them when I get up really early. Perhaps because it is a Sunday rather than a weekday, they weren’t scared back to their homes by all the traffic…

the countI like The Count (he likes to count things) from Sesame Street, how about you?

One, Ah, ah, ah! One Squirrel!
squirrel 1

Two, Ah, ah, ah! Two Squirrels!
squirrel 2

Three, Four, Ah, ah, ah! Four Squirrels!
squirrels 3 & 4

Five, Ah, ah, ah! Five Squirrels! (on the table)
squirrel 5

Six, Seven, Ah, ah, ah! Seven Squirrels!
squirrel 6 & 7

Eight, Ah, ah, ah! Eight Squirrels!
squirrel 8

Nine, Ah, ah, ah! Nine Squirrels! (on top of the fence)
squirrel 9

Ten?… I don’t know how to count you little one. Here is squirrel #3 with another squirrel, dead 😦 in the street. squirrel 3 & -- I noticed him/her after squirrel #5 when I got closer to the area. I was surrounded by the little guys playing and running around. I am greatly saddened by this little one. I was not quite to my midway point when I encountered this little guy. I am affected. I paused, and got a little teary eyed. And thought about this blog. What to say, my beliefs on death are my own, personal. If you believe something different, then my beliefs become controversial… so I will only say this. Please, slow down, look around, and drink in the life around you. Seeing squirrels #6-9 reminded me, life goes on. After my flöfy died, I started to pay more attention to the beauty around me. Here’s one of the many things that caught my eye…
trumpet vine

Rest in peace, little squirrel.

The next post will be about food, I promise! 🙂


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