Puppy update & Yoga…

I’ve updated my last post to include a birthday picture from last year of ‘the birthday boy puppy’, I’ll call him ‘little-bit’. I also added a bit more info on my other puppy’s condition before he died, I’ll call him ‘flöfy’. ‘flöfy’ as in floooofy. 🙂 Also I added a picture of ‘flöfy’. 🙂

In need of comfort food… update.

‘Little-bit’ seems to be doing much better, aside from sleeping a lot and needing to take breaks in the grass on his walks (though I’m sure he’s just taking advantage of my easy-going-ness, wouldn’t you want to lay around in the grass if someone let you?), he’s displaying his characteristic ‘bug’ position often. ‘The bug’, as I call it, is a sure-fire way for me to tell that he is both comfortable and feeling silly. Yea!

'little-bit' on the grass

'little-bit' on the grass

'little-bit' doing 'the bug'

'little-bit' doing 'the bug'

'little-bit' doing 'the bug'

'little-bit' doing 'the bug'

We also hung out on the balcony for a while, one of his favorite things to do.

'little-bit' hanging out on balcony

'little-bit' hanging out on balcony

'little-bit' hanging out on balcony

'little-bit' hanging out on balcony

I called the vet to get that medical jargon, it was driving me crazy that I could not remember. So if you are so inclined to look those sorts of things up, as I am, then here you go. He has the bacteria called, campylobacter. I found some sites you might find interesting, here and here. The odd thing is, while knowledge IS power, and I feel soooo much better now that it doesn’t seem fatal, I’m perplexed as to where he got it. I mean, there is no raw meat in the house and he’s been eating from the same bag of dog food all month (I’m assuming that if it was his dog food the symptoms would have presented themselves sooner). The only thing I can figure, is that some other dog in the neighborhood must have the bacterial infection. I guess ‘little-bit’ might have stepped in some grass with residual poo and later licked his paw. Really, I’m at a loss.


So the past few days, I’ve been feeling like I needed to stay by ‘little-bit’s’ side constantly, i.e. no morning walks. It reminded me that I have been neglecting my yoga routine. So I thought I’d talk a little bit about a great website called YogaToday.com. YogaToday is a daily yoga video site that I found back in 2007. Back then you could actually download the video (for free) and keep it, it had about 4 commercials at the beginning but that was cool, you could keep the workout for a later day, or a repeat as I have done on many of them. Soon after I found them, they changed their website to have the videos play right on the web browser but you could no longer download them, that’s cool too. Now it looks like you can purchase individual programs. They spoke of creating an archive years ago. I guess it’s now being implemented. They still have a free one-hour routine each week. I think these yoga instructors are really good, and need to be compensated for their efforts. Today I did, First Steps to Tranquility with Sarah Kline, I feel so much better, it was very meditative. 🙂 I really like Sarah Kline and Neesha Zollinger, they have a fun sense of humor and also speak of alignment, which is very helpful. Adi Amar is cool too, but she likes to do a lot of ‘sun salutations’. I have weak wrists, so I don’t like to put that much weight on my wrists for so many poses, I tend not to do as many of her routines.

This week’s free class is, Happy Hips & Hamstrings with Sarah Klien. One of my all-time favorites. I do this routine often.

I plan to resume my morning walks tomorrow, my next post will definitely have food, and perhaps a squirrel or two!


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