In need of comfort food…

So yesterday was my puppy’s 13th birthday, a day of celebration! ( I call dogs of all ages, puppy.) He informs me that going to the vet is not fun. During his party at the dog park, I noticed some *sorry in advance* blood in his stool, that prompted me to take him to the vet. Needless to say being 13 years old, I was worried. They took him immediately to check his vitals, then gave him back to me in the lobby, the doctor would be with me soon. It was a busy day at the vet, more dogs than I think is usual for a Wednesday at 7pm. Time ticked by, I tried to be strong. I tried to comfort myself that the longer I waited, the less severe his condition must be. The doctor finally called us into the exam room, though it was more of a consultation than an exam. He informed me that my puppy had a bacterial infection and that they were going to put him on antibiotics, another drug to help with the diarrhea, and a bland diet for a few days. Oh, the infection can be passed to humans, so make sure I wash my hands after, well you know ( I always do anyway). The vet also said that they think he might have a parasite, but it’s a rare one and is usually self-limiting, so keep an eye on him and if he doesn’t improve in the next few days, we’ll do the other tests to confirm. I’m usually really good at remembering the medical jargon, but yesterday, it was hard. Probably because I hadn’t heard those words before, and because I was freaking out on the inside. My other puppy died last February, he had strange symptoms for three weeks, then was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a week later he was gone. He was 3 months shy of turning 14. You can see why I’m a bit distressed.

puppy at the party - talking

puppy at the party - talking

So, good news?

I hope so. My puppy loved the new food. Oh, a bland diet is rice, boiled chicken or beef, and cottage cheese. I inquired, being a vegetarian for over a decade, I hadn’t had raw meat in my house for 11 years. Luckily, they had prescription can dog food. I’m vegetarian, my dog isn’t. Though his food is mostly oats and rice, there is chicken in his dog food. But, I digress… puppy is sleeping soundly, I think it’s the drugs. It will be hard to tell him that he can’t see his friends at the dog park for a week. :/

Comfort food… right?

So I’ve been reading the Chocolate-Covered Katie blog for a few weeks and Katie (a.k.a. CCV – chocolate-covered vegan) keeps mentioning her blended-grains technique. So I thought I’d give it a go.

I soaked Purple Prairie Barley overnight and then cooked it in vegetable broth (better than bouillon vegetable base and water) for an hour this morning. Then I took out my immersion blender and started to blend. I made quite a mess in the kitchen until I decided to use the little container it came with for blending… ahhhh, much better, blendy-creamy-ness. I added a bit of salt and pepper. Comfort food, check. Thanks, CCV!

purple praire barley


June 26, 2009…10:28am

I found last year’s birthday pictures, thought I’d share. 🙂

puppy, 'little-bit', on the way to his party - 2008

puppy, 'little-bit', on the way to his party - June 24, 2008

And a picture of my other little boy, ‘flöfy’… We miss you!

'flöfy' - we miss you! (May 3, 1994 - Feb 15, 2008)

'flöfy' - we miss you! (May 3, 1994 - Feb 15, 2008)


8 thoughts on “In need of comfort food…

    • Thanks! 🙂 He seems better, more sleepy and snuggly than usual. But that’s to be expected with the medications.

  1. Your “lil bit” will be better and ready to go back to the park in no time. When my pup was smaller, he had a lot of diarrhea because he got a “parasite”….. we think he actually got it from the dog park, so I guess we need to watch the puppies more while they are there.

    • Yeah, too bad we can’t sanitize the park. But we do need to watch them closer I think. Good to hear from you, I need the dog park too. 🙂

  2. Your babies are so beautiful!!! We had a basset growing up, and she was just wonderful. But yeah, towards the’s tough to watch them struggle. Thank you so much for your kind words on my Copper-top Pupcake post. It’s comforting to hear from others who know exactly what I’m feeling, as opposed to just imagining how I must be feeling (one who hasn’t felt that a part of their soul is within their 4-legged companion, and vice versa).

    • Thank you 🙂

      It helped to have my ‘little-bit’ around to squeeze during that time. ‘Little-bit’ has become literally attached to me since he lost his big brother. We all feel like we lost our best friend, it’s hard. It gets easier day by day, but some days are still hard. I do wish you the best, squeeze Mocha and Kirsche often. 🙂

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