Produce Wednesday

produce wednesday

Today’s bounty:

    Portabello Mushrooms–>   Blueberries
    Romaine Lettuce–>   Bananas
    Grape Tomatoes–>   Bananas
    Watermelon, Seedless*
    Green Beans
    Swiss Chard
    Yellow Squash
    Yukon Gold Potatoes
    Garlic Scapes*

I know it seems like a lot of bananas, but I really like making my chocolate-banana smoothie. As I’m ending my morning walk, it’s on my mind, ‘yea time for banana smoothie!’ 😀 I especially like it with blueberries!

Garlic scapes? I am new to these babies too, but I’ve been reading so much about them that I had to try them. A future post will surely tell you how I used them. In the mean time, check out this and this for what they are and how to use them! Oh, and they smell absolutely wonderful! Like I was hit with garlic bread when I opened the produce bag that held them! Plus they are so cute! Little spirally green garlic-y… now I’m getting hungry!


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