The Zoo, Falafel, and… what they have in common.

I went to the zoo earlier in the week…

I saw praire dogs…
praire dogs


speckled bears…
speckled bear-3

poisonous frogs…
poisonous frog

sea lions…
sea lions-8



butterflies, flowers, and trees…

purple flowers

zoo walkway

a komodo dragon…
komodo dragon-2

and elephants…

Click on the photos to go to my flickr page and see more pictures of the zoo!

After the zoo, we went to a cool place called ‘Amsterdam Falafel’… I found it by using… I entered in ‘vegan’ and ‘washington, dc’ and then I narrowed it further by checking the ‘adams morgan’ box (because that area is right next to the zoo). It’s a really cool website because you can find reviews for all kinds of stuff in your area. It’s been really helpful for me to find vegan restaurants that have gotten good reviews.

Check out the Amsterdam Falafel website! They have REALLY GOOD FALAFELS! They had a topping bar that truly made the falafels memorable! Here’s a picture of their topping bar from their website…

If you are in the Adams Morgan area, you really need to check this place out! Overall, we had a great day!


June 22, 2009…2:27pm

Forgot that I used both cameras… because you can never have too many pictures! 😛

We walked from the zoo to Amsterdam Falafel then to Dupont Circle before getting back on the metro…
I thought this ivy covered building was really cool…

And we can’t forget, the requisite squirrel! He was hanging out at Dupont Circle, he wasn’t even scared of me. He was busy burying a nut 😀


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