It’s going to be a weird day…

This morning I came upon two squirrels frolicking together, when they saw me they scurried up separate trees. No picture. Feeling content after taking my usual gratuitous scenic geese picture, I came across this little guy. He was hanging out by the trash bin and ran for the picnic table. I took a few photos and then proceeded to stretch a little, as long as I was stretching and watching he hung out with me, but as soon as I lifted my camera to take another picture he started to get twitchy and make like running. So rather than ruin his day and mine, I enjoyed his company as I stretched.


Now the strange part… Duck! This mallard duck stepped out in front of me on the sidewalk. Freaked himself out and startled me, too cool!


Morning sighting count… 3 squirrels, several geese & fuzzyheads, 1 duck.


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