I saw a squirrel at the beginning of my walk this morning, but he was too fast for me to take a photo. Besides I was still waking up, I hadn’t even gotten a half mile when I saw him. The camera I use on my walks is my cell phone, which can take some amazing pictures (see my post ‘fuzzyheads!‘) if the light is good and I have a steady hand. But the phone is in a little holder on my arm, so for me to take pictures on my walk I have to know in advance that I plan to do so.

I did not take pictures of the goslings today, partly because I don’t want to be seen by the geese as that person who takes pictures but always forgets to bring bread, nor do I want to be recognized (see this article) and attacked by the geese. As I said in my fuzzyhead post the adult goose felt I was a bit too close to it’s gosling, who by the way was next to the sidewalk, I didn’t instigate I was merely standing there too long I think. But I digress, it was also early enough that most of the geese were still taking their morning bath as see in the photo below.

I was able to capture a squirrel on my way back, I’m sure the cars passing by thought I was nuts standing there with my cell phone slowly inching up on the little squirrel. Too bad I didn’t have a steadier hand. :/


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