Bread, specifically artisan bread

I recently came across a great cookbook called Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. Most of the breads are vegan and make amazing bread. I have not had to buy bread in several months thanks to this awesome technique. It is also great not to have to stand in the bread isle forever putting back loaves because they have ingredients in them that I do not want. The ‘enriched’ breads have egg and dairy in them, but I was able to veganize the brioche bread, I made these fresh fruit brioche muffins.

My substitutions…
eggs –> flaxseed meal/ water
honey –> agave syrup
butter –> earth balance vegan buttery sticks
egg wash –> silk soymilk
sugar sprinkled on fruit before baking –> sugar in the raw
powdered sugar dusting –> chocolate drizzle

For the flaxseed meal and water mixture (substitute 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal and 3 Tbsp water for each egg), I used an immersion blender to whip up the flax/water mixture to the constancy of thick syrup, then added it to the rest of the dough.

For the chocolate drizzle, I used the chocolate sauce from Lickin’ the Beaters Low Fat Vegan Desserts by Siue Moffat, pg. 42.


4 thoughts on “Bread, specifically artisan bread

  1. Thank You! I’ve been planning to try this technique for months, and finally did the basic boule bread. Now I’m all gung-ho for bread baking, but didn’t know if the other recipes were veganizable!

    • As far as I can tell, the majority of the recipes in the book are vegan, they consist of yeast, salt, water, flour, and flavorings. If the dough calls for milk and/or honey that is easily substituted with non-dairy milk and agave nectar. The ‘enriched’ doughs are the ones that will take trial and error, these doughs have egg in them (brioche, challah, etc.). The ‘enriched’ recipes take up less than 1/3 of the recipes in the book.

      My favorite is the pumpernickel, (yeast, salt, water, molasses, cocoa powder, espresso powder, caramel color, rye flour, all-purpose flour) although I’ve decided that I like it best without cocoa powder and espresso powder. Fyi, I was able to find espresso powder and caramel color at King Arthur Flour [ ].

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